Thoughts on the changes to the Baudry Cartemon’s Storyline

The release notes for the Shadowfell Conspiracy mentioned that one of our well known Stormreach Harbor entities, Baudry Cartamon, was relocated and that the his particular quest chain was re-opened from previously being closed due to some bugs surrounding one of the quests.  However, the release notes didn’t mention (at least from what I can tell) that the story line from this commonly run quest chain has changed. 

One of my never ending pet projects is to document the storyline of DDO’s myriad of various quests.  So when I picked up the quest from Baudry for the fist time since the release of the Shadowfell Conspiracy I noticed the changes right away.

Prior to the Shadowfell Conspiracy, Baudry recruits you to help protect his cargo that has been given to his care from the Coin Lords.  We also learn that Baudry’s largest competitor is a bugbear named Hazadill.  Evidently Hazadill is a thug and a thief and has some underground dealings with some individuals from the city of Sharn.  Baudry mentions that Hazadill has recruited Stormreach’s kobalds to hassle him and to destroy the cargo that the Coin Lords have trusted to him.  Baudry also has two staff members, Tabor and Harmon, who are doing what they can to fend off Hazadill.  Baudry also mentions that he has learned that Hazadill’s cronies have ambushed an expedition.  Later Harmon tells us that the expedition was a team of halflings and that the goods stolen where going to be taken to the Order of the Emerald Claw.  Oh, and we also learn that the Coin Lord cargo is actually a dragonshard. 

Now spring forward to the events after the release of the Shadowfell Conspiracy.  Instead of Baudry complaining that Stormreach is full of thugs and brigands and that he is fortunate to have such great workers (aka Tabor and Harmon) he emphasizes how important the Harbor is to Stormreach and how it is a source of moving goods in and out of the area.  His main competitor is still Hazadill and the Coin Lords have still entrusted with him a mysterious crate to guard (although we don’t learn its contents this time).  He still recruits us to protect the crate from Hazadill’s kobalds.  However, we learn now that Hazadill isn’t dealing with scum of Sharn but instead are making deals with the pirates of Three Barrel Cove.  We also learn that Harmon Taft isn’t really an employee of Baudry, but Baudry has paid him off to distract Hazadill’s minions/guards.  The rest of the storyline is the same.

So why change the storyline?  After some thought, I like the idea that they changed the storyline to mention the pirates of Three Barrel Cove.  It will give the newer players some initial insight later to Three Barrel Cove area, especially since their is transported to Three Barrel Cove in the Harbor.  However, I am curious to see how this will work in line with the Restless Isle storyline.  I’m wondering if Hazadill’s involvement in that arc has changed. 

Another change I noticed, is that while protecting Baudry’s crate in the first quest, Tambor comes in with your and actively runs around setting his traps.  After you save the crate, any kobalds that happen to be in the warehouse are ensnared in a trap.  As I was working my way through the quest and saw this, I then ran around the warehouse to kill the remaining kobalds to get the slayers in my monster manual.  I then talk to Tambor who then asks what we should do with the kobalds…kill them or release them…LOL wooppss…

Erd talking to Tambor in Protect Baudry's Interests photo ErdtalkingtoTamborinProtectBaudrysInterests_zps3892b0bd.jpg


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