Questing through Catacombs and STK-the memories

Note: Originally posted on May 24, 2013 on my Guildportal Blog site:

Last night, I was on my free account running Stoorage through Catacombs and STK on elite with the help of fellow guildies, Twotoe and Sontris.  While we were slaughtering the undead in Catacombs and the kobalds, hobgoblins, and spiders in STK I started to think how much the game has changed over the years and how different my characters were back then as well.

I didn’t start playing DDO until April 2006, so while I wasn’t one of the original players where the game was released in February 2006, I sure was close .  At the time, the Catacombs and Shan-to-Kor series was one of the most widely ran story arcs.  I remember when I first entered these quest chains wondering what I was going to face and how we were going to manage getting through it.  I remember the first encounter the Crawlers had with go ol’ Arkasic Dryden at the end of the Catacombs quest string, and how we nearly party wiped because of the Arcane skellies and because nobody had any ghost touch weapons, it was sure a different time, lol!!

Then our memorable runs through STK.  Who can forget the use of a Fire Giant skin to be used as the giant construct at the end of the quest chain and everybody lining up in a corner surrounding the casters so that they could hit the construct with as many magic missiles as their mana bar would allow until he dropped, praying that the earth elementals wouldn’t wake up until the construct was down.

Many things have changed since those days: dungeon scaling, hirelings, quest changes, more classes..but they are still memorable to say the least!!


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