Having some issues in the Dreaming Dark and Lords of Dust…

Garrrin in the Dreaming Dark photo GarrrinintheDreamingDark_zps867ab30f.jpg

My barbarian hit level 20 relatively recently and last night he was in my line for me to play with my makeshift character rotation.  Garrrin, my barbarian, still has a number of quests he never completed and still has a large amount of favor to gather so I figured I would run a mix of favor grind quests as well as some higher level/epic level quests, that way I can get some Turbine points, get +2 Tome from the 1750 favor grind (yes he is that far behind), and get some experience.  He won’t be an experience gathering machine right now, but I hate seeing those undone quests in his adventure compedium.  

So last night I decided to finish up the Dreaming Dark storyline and hit up the Lords of Dust on Epic Normal.  So after I got my guild ship buffs, I took Garrrin out to the Isle of Forgotten Dreams so that he could complete Raiding the Giants Vault and the Dreaming Dark.  Well it has been some time since I have run this set of quests and I forgot how much jumping there was in both of these quests.  I had no problems working my way through Raiding the Giants Vault,although I did fall a few times which was a source of annoyance for me when I was running this quest.  However, my real problems didn’t start until I entered the Dreaming Dark.  Memories came flying back to me as I glanced around the beginning of the quest (as pictured above) and I started dreading the light gravity and incorporal mobs.

Well, I pushed forward with my gaggle of hirelings (onyx panther, owl bear, and Wyoh) and made my way to the floating platforms….ugh…here we go.  I started to make my way across the platforms and of course I started to have some lag spikes…go figure.  I can’t tell you how many times I kept falling off the damn platforms because I would glitch during my jumps.  Frustration continued to accrue until I turned red and then I calmed down and just jumped on each platform one at time.  I eventually made it past the platforms and to the House P theater (although I did fall a few more times off the roof tops).  Well, I couldn’t remember what happened in the theater, and needless to say…I got blasted away once the “councilors” decided to throw their balls of lightning at me…Luckily my owl bear last long enough to grab stones and follow my ghost off the edge and back to the shrine…I’m glad Turbine had fixed the issue with hirelings dropping stones when they port, otherwise I don’t think I could have done this.  In either case I raised up, went back and got past the theater and made it further to the end fight where I didn’t run into any more problems.  At the end, I had gathered almost 10k experience from the Dreaming Dark.

Ok so that was done, now time to move back to Lords of Dust.  So after doing my repairs, rebuffing, and selling I went to the Lords of Dust Quest entrance and entered on Epic Normal.  The last time I did this quest was with my main character Erdrique during his cleric life (he just now TR’ed into a barbarian, ironically).  Erdrique was a cleric at the time and actually struggled with the quest, I thought that it was a fluke. 

When I entered the quest with Garrrin, he summoned his hireling army once again and proceeded into the quest….which ended disasterously…  Garrrin and his make shift party had no problem taking out the human enemies, but my lord, the attack dogs just took forever to kill for whatever reason.  I also realized that Wyoh was burning through her mana much quicker than normal, I’m not sure what was going on there.  I made it all the way Marideth, but died there at her hands because Wyoh had run out of mana.  I just sat at my computer dumbstruck and started to wonder what in the world happened.  Then I remembered the difficulty I had with Erdrique and I’m starting to wonder if the difficulty level on the Lords of Dust on Epic Normal has been turned up since the launch of the Shadowfell Conspiracy.  I’m not sure, but it does seem harder for me to complete as of late.

Needless to say, the quest Lords of Dust is on my revenge list and I will hit it up with Garrrin once again!!     


3 thoughts on “Having some issues in the Dreaming Dark and Lords of Dust…

  1. My biggest problem in Dreaming Dark has always been lag during the endfight. Somewhere on my not-at-all organized hard drive, I have a video clip of Acanthia basically hanging in midair unable to move because the fog lagged her out so badly, while the big bad end boss and his minions laugh as they zap her. If not for somehow managing to get off an EiN, she’d have wiped.

    I was wondering about ramped-up difficulty on Spinner of Shadows. I’ve been farming that trying to get Vic a shard of the Silver Slinger – it’s the last piece she needs – and I used to be able to solo it on EN with pretty much any toon with no major problems. Took my 23 FvS in there, and she did get through it, but WOW, the Spinner was hitting WAY harder than I remembered. Not all that long ago, I was soloing that easily on my then-lvl 22 bard, who is MUCH squishier and less survivable than the FvS.

    Also, Wyoh sucks. *g*

    Welcome to OurDDO! 🙂


    • Yeah, I was expecting some issues with the last fight as well but unbelievably I didn’t have any issues with the last fight at all, which was nice concerning all the issues I had with the jumping and the Theater encounter earlier.

      As for the Web of Chaos of chain, yeah I have no idea what is happening there. My guildie was telling me he felt that the heroic settings were made easier while he felt the difficulty settings on epic were notched up. Interesting….


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