DDO has a lot of named creepy crawly spiders…but no snakes…

One of the quests I ran last night with a guildie was Red Fang the Unruled.  We were hitting the lowbie Marketplace quests and happened to knock this one out.  As we were running the quest, I realized that there are a lot of spiders in DDO.  This isn’t too surprising, at least not to me.  Perhaps the most common critter feared by the general population are spiders.  So its make sense that spiders would be glorified in a game such D&D and DDO.  And boy are there spiders in DDO including: Ciccic, Frostbite, Red Fang, Venom (Red Fang’s offspring), Misery, Blood-drinker, and perhaps the most well known spider-Whisperdoom, just to name a few.

Whisperdoom photo 350px-Whisperdoom_zpsf2eb1698.jpgVenom photo 350px-Venom_zps593ed0c4.jpg
Blood-drinker photo 350px-Blood-Drinker_zps85599d52.jpg

Spider screenshots courtesy of DDOwiki.

But perhaps a critter even more despised than spiders by a large number of people hasn’t made a showing in DDO, at least not yet.  What critter am I talking about?  Well, I’m talking about snakes.  Heck, even the spiders in the world of Harry Potter will scurry away from the presence of snakes (of course the basilisk in Harry Potter is one very large snake…).  So makes one wonder when snakes are going to make an appearance in the game, if they ever do.

It would be interesting to be traveling through the lush, tropical landscape for some exotic land to be jumped by a large anacoda or some other type of constricting snake.  Try to imagine fighting off a room of large magically enhanced cobras.

It is interesting that we do have the addition of the Yuan-ti into DDO inside the Forgotten Realms half of the game, but no snakes as of yet.  If the snakes aren’t careful, they will let the spiders take over the game world!!!


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