Originally posted on my GuildPortal Blog on April 20, 2013:

The Catacombs Story Arc has been present in DDO since its release back in 2006.  And I know a number of of DDO vets who can’t stand the story arc..including a number of guildies.  However, I think it is a fun an interesting set of quests and that the underlies the classic D&D ideas.  The Catacombs Story Arc centers around a number of classic D&D elements:

1).  Corruption and deception
2).  Greed
3).  Power
4).  The ability to control life
5).  Classic undead D&D monsters

I always enjoy running the story arc, hunting through the crypts of the Silver Flame’s Catacombs in the search of Marguerite and then hunting down all of the Dryden family secrets. 

I believe the reason for the majority of the angst that the Catacombs receives is mainly due to the sequence of making sure the story arc advances correctly. 

However, I my humble opinion, if you want to run a classic feeling D&D sequence of encounters, the Catacombs Story Arc is good low level chain to run….just remember to advance your quest correctly!!!


3 thoughts on “Catacombs

  1. I’m not a d&d player, but I do love running through the catacombs simply because I have a thing for anything involving the undead.

    Also, I didn’t know there was a way to mess up the story arc.


  2. Hey Mizz, back in the day, it was very easy to forget to advance the chain, especially when you were lagging behind the rest of party and wanted to catch back up to them. They didn’t have blaring warning they have now when you enter a quest letting you know that you currently aren’t on the correct part of the arc. Even today, I still run across a few times were somebody isn’t paying attention and hops into the quest and didn’t realize that they forgot to talk to Dryden to advance to the next part and we had to go back in again to get everybody back to speed…


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