How to balance game time across mutliple different characters?

I have been playing DDO nearly since its original release back in 2006 and as such I have created and played 17 different characters across two accounts.  Below is a list of my characters from the Crypt Crawler GuildPortal Website:

Erdrique character list photo ListofCharacters_zpscdcbbd6e.jpg
My list of characters so far…

While 17 different characters isn’t a staggering amount, it is still a challenge to devote time to play all of my characters.  I generally try to have at least one character in each class and to have one character of each race, but with that said I still have yet to create a half-orc, a druid, an artificer, or any iconic character (yeah I know I’m slow…).  To top that off, I still had one open character slot prior to the release of the Shadowfell Conspiracy and now with its pre-order purchase with the legendary package I have been granted another 4 character slots.  That would give me a total of 22 character slots across both accounts (one is a premium account and is maxed at four characters currently).  So this begs the question…how in the hell do I find the time to play these characters?  I do have a life outside of the game and I do have to do this thing called “work” so where am I going to find the time to give each character its due playing time?

I the beginning, quite frankly I didn’t.  There were times that many of characters were just “shelved” and didn’t see the light of day for possibly months.  And then when I got the urge to bring them back into the light, it took me forever to remember what skills and abilities they had.  This got quite frustrating…so I decided to try something different and I think it has worked overall.

What I decided to do was to create a “schedule” for my characters.  I simply took a second and wrote down all of my characters.  I started with my main character “Erdrique” and then just listed my other characters, alternating between those of higher levels and those of lower levels.  I then decided that for Sunday thru Thursday nights that I would simply play the next character in the list.  When I logged off for the night, I would simply check that character off the list and then character I would run the next day.  For Friday and Saturday nights, I left those weekend runs primarily for main character, Erdrique, however I left it open for myself to run other characters depending on the needs of the guild.

This particular process seemed to workout well so I decided to modify it some more.  I figured out that I basically had three sets of play times: 1). Early in the morning prior to leaving for the office for about 30 to 45 mintues from Monday to Friday, 2).  After I got home from work and prior to dinner for maybe 60 minutes from Monday to Friday, and 3). Nightly runs from Sunday to Saturday, generally running from 10 pm to midnight (extending to 2 am or Friday and Saturday nights) excluding Wednesday night which is date night.

My rotation of characters was already in place for the weeknight runs so I decided to do the same thing for my morning questing times but I decided to use that time to focus on explorer zones because these are generally quick and easy to work on in a short amount time.  So I created another schedule to track slayer runs around my characters.  However, the questing done prior to dinner I have decided to save for quick quest runs with Erdrique and one other character I plan on TR’ing.  Right now I run Erdrique one day and my other character the next day and then back to Erdrique on the third day.

By doing this I have been able to set up a quest schedule for the guild as below:

Crawler calendar photo CrawlerSchedule_zps855495ab.jpg Crypt Crawler calendar.

This has allowed me to maximize my time across all of my characters and it helps me keep my characters abilities fresh; however it is by far less than perfect.  It does take a long time for any one of my characters to gather high level gear (and to level for that matter) and I don’t consider any of my characters to having the best gear available.  However, I’m more interested in playing my characters as opposed to gearing them up.

I generally now get a chance to play all of my characters within a few weeks and I don’t seem to “shelf” any character.  Of course the more characters I create and add, the longer it will take me to get back to playing that character.  This might need to be modified at some later point, but right now it works for me .   


5 thoughts on “How to balance game time across mutliple different characters?

  1. Oh wow, you’re even more organized then i am! 😉 I just tend to run whatever is needed in guild at that moment. But i do have some chars that get hardly any playtime at all because my guildies usualy ask me to bring a divine. And i’m not a soloer, but your scedule looks great! Good job well done!


  2. Oh, the dreaded Alt-itis curse – I’m up to 14 toons on Thelanis, most of whom I play on at least a semi-regular basis. Haven’t given my new iconics a ton of playing time yet, but that’s mostly because I’ve been too busy (er, lazy) to shop for them. And I have a monk on Cannith who plays every Friday night, plus a bunch of other toons there who could really use some time. Not to mention favor farmers on every server.


  3. LOL thank you Mari and Grim, I try to keep things as organized as possible. I was just sick of shelving characters. Hey Even, all of my current characters are on Thelanis as well. I haven’t ventured to the other servers as of yet. When I first started to playing, my characters were on Tharashk.


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