Being humbled in Archer Point Defense

Stoorage prepping for Archer's Point Defense photo StooragepreppinginArchersPointDefense_zps63cb3554.jpg
Stoorage prepping for his doom in Archer’s Point Defense

Last night, I was running one of my characters on my free account, Stoorage, a level 8 Kensai Fighter.  Now mind you, Stoorage doesn’t have the best gear by any means and usually I take that into account when I’m questing with him.  I was grouped up with another guildie who was running low on time so I had suggested to run Archer Point Defense.  I knew that quest would take a relatively short amount of time and since Hell (my guildie) was a VIP I knew he could open up the quest on elite.  That would save me from having to run the quest three times.  I had just hit level 8 was thinking just a little too much of myself at this point…

Ok, so we enter the quest and I summoned my hireling cleric and had her summon her pet spiders (as pictured above).   Hellshammer is a battle cleric, so he didn’t need to worry about healing per se.  So after a quick buff or two we took off…unfortunately in separate directions, lol.  I taken my typical path to get to the hobgoblin leader, which for me is turning right out of the entrance to the fort and heading down the path.  Hell had taken off in the opposite direction.  When I noticed that we had split I cockily told him to be careful going that way and to make sure he didn’t get in too much trouble.

As I continued down my typical path, I took out the first two sets of mobs (containing hobgoblins, bugbears, and a few ogres) with little problems.  Hell well has having no problems as well.  Well at this point I was just humbled to shame…I ran to my next set of encounters and realized I was in trouble when I somehow got surrounded by no less than six ogres and a swarm of hobgoblins and bugbears.  I wasn’t all that concerned about the hobgoblins and bugbears, but the ogres had with them some shamans and the next thing I new, I was being held and pounded to dust…lol.  Now mind you this happened maybe after a minute or so after I told Hell to be careful.  I should have told myself to be careful.

Hellshammer came to my rescue though and we completed the quest with just about a minute left to spare (in case you didin’t know, Archer Point Defense is a timed quest).  So we got the victory and one humbled guild leader at the same time :P.  However, that is what makes this game fun!!


3 thoughts on “Being humbled in Archer Point Defense

  1. If it wasn’t for the fact I don’t play ddo often enough anymore, I’d ask what server/times you play. But alas, it is not meant to be. *sigh*


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