Oh no, not Flesh Maker’s Laboratory….

Originally posted on my GuildPortal Blog on April 24, 2013: http://www.guildportal.com/Me/540050797/span/2013/4

On Monday, I had made the suggestion to run Flesh Maker’s Laboratory on Elite because Erdrique needs to get those set of quests done/completed next when looking through his Adventure Compedium.  Of course I heard the resounding groans…..nobody likes to deal with those air elementals at the end of the quest, but nonetheless we headed out to the Orchard and enter the quest…

I was with Hellsheals and later we were joined by Daveson.  We also had two hirelings with us (a level 15 rogue and a level 15 barbarian).  We blew through the vast majority of the quest, squashing flesh golems, cultists, and zombies with reckless abandon and then ran into a few problems in the lightning rooms.  However, the lightning rooms were a minor inconvenience and we proceeded to the last fight with the dreaded air elementals on the top of catwalk with the mandatory runes all lit at a single time. 

We proceeded up the ladders to the catcwalk and promptly got knocked down by the air elementals.  The typical cursing and swearing then ensued and we ran back up the ladder and again and tried to the set the runes once again…and then bam…the next thing we knew the runes were set and the air elementals were transported to the lower level leaving only the named elemental to fight.  It shocked us all at its relative ease and made the quest run much more fun to complete.  It sure was a pleasant surprise….now to only hope for such a nice surprise in Ghosts of Perdition….


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