Ghost of Perdition

Originally posted on my GuildPortal Blog on April 29, 2013:

So while waiting for another guildie to log on, a different guildie and I decided to try to complete Ghost of Perdition on elite because we both need it to advance our good ol’ adventure compedium.  I figured since I was 16 and he was 18 we might be ok.

Well, those were some famous last words…We made it to the area of the two weep brothers and I decided to run down to take care of the second one, forgetting there was still a whole slew of ice mephits and ice flensers to worry about.  Needless to say I got my but handed to me and needed to be raised…So once we were able to clear out the mephits and flensers we were then able to take out the weeps, barely because by the time we took care of the mephits my other guildie died at the same time the brother he was fighting was killed…but we were able to push past that point, lick our wounds and our pride and shrine back up.

So, there we are, full mana and hit points, my aura going off, slowly feather falling toward the named undead beholder….well nothing better to humble you than facing one of those things.  I was able to get off one or two divine punishments and hit him a few times before I was dead….My poor guildie followed shortly behind me…I was definitely a humbling experience…however, that undead beholder now has my revenge written all over it….


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