Trial by Fury-interesting run but a little confusing

Interesting view in Trial by Fury photo InterestingviewTrialbyFury_zps7d83084f.jpg

Hamllin running across the threads of the web in Trial by Fury

Yesterday, I took my level 23 Rogue/Shadowdancer, Hamllin, through the Demonweb and to the quest Trial by Fury.  It was the second time I had been in the quest, however the first time I made my way to the quest entrance it took me a good amount of time trying to navigate the Demonweb to make it to the quest and so by the time I got to quest entrance I was basically out of time to complete the quest itself.  However this time I was fortunate enough to to have the path open to me that lead directly to the quest entrance and I made it to the entrance in far less time.

Overall, I thought that the quest was unique and a little annoying at the same time.  I think the Demonweb design is pretty interesting, but I have to admit that I do have a hard time recognizing when the strands are actually pathways and when they are not.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t get turned around a few times, but luckily I picked up on the general layout of the quest and didn’t get too lost.  I didn’t have a difficult time with the quest, as I had a level 23 Favored Soul/Exalted Angel hireling, my Onyx Panter, and my Owlbear.  I had a fun time watching them grab aggro and playing around with my assinate and execution abilities.

The mobs in the quest I found typical for Demonweb itself.  I find it amusing to come across flesh renders in the Demonweb but it helps establish the “connection” between Eberror and the Forgotten Realms setting.  I do admit as well that I found the named goristroGruelmith, was a little intimidating and the first time I came across a goristro in the Demonweb I was quite perplexed because I had never seen or heard of anything quite like that before.

So overall, the quest is interesting.  A little long to run if you are trying to play for about an hour or so, especially if the Demonweb instance doesn’t allow you to access the quest relatively quickly.  By the trial challenges aren’t band and there are a lot of chests in the quests, so that is a plus.


One thought on “Trial by Fury-interesting run but a little confusing

  1. Something to maybe make it a bit quicker 🙂

    1. When you jump in the Demonweb, if the web path from the first island isn’t there – jump out and reset the instance (obviously not so useful if you’re in a PUG)
    2. For a really quick run of the quest, you don’t have to get a stone for every ‘door’ – I think there are at least three you jump around or run straight through.

    But yes – easy to get turned around in there 😀


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