Trying to determine a link between various clans or groups of monsters across storylines

I know that a large group of DDO players are more interested in just wasting the monstrous horde in order to obtain their experience, renown, and (of course 🙂 ) the loot!!  However, there are a few of us out there that like to follow the storyline and to try to understand the lore and backdrop to the DDO universe.

I bring this up because I’m currently working on yet another life for Erdrique and as I was running through the Harbor quests I started to wonder how the various monsters of the same type relate to each other across differing story lines.  For instance I can think of three different clans/groups of sahaugin (Korthos, Three Barrel Cove, Red Fens).  So are these clans or groups somehow connected to each other?

Sahaugin photo Sahaugin_zpsbd41c26c.jpg
Are these various named sahaugin from the same clan? Screenshots courtesy of DDOwiki.

From the individual story lines, I can’t really tell if these groups of sahaugin are acting on the behalf or a single clan or not.  In all three occasions, a mighty sahaugin force seems to be invading the local area.  Although this isn’t necessarily spelled out for Three Barrel Cove, I’m just making that assumption based on the force present there along the shore lines.  One of things that helps support the possibility that these groups belong to the same clan is that all three areas are relatively close to each other in the northern reaches of Xen’drik with Three Barrel Cove not far from Shargon’s Teeth where Korthos Island is located.  The Red Fens is most likely located near the Marshes of Desolation just to the south of Shargon’s Teeth along the north eastern shore of Xen’drik, although I’m not sure on this point.

However, there are a few discrepancies or loop holes in that theory.  The Sahaugin invasion on Korthos Island actually seems to be due to the influence of the mind flayer, Drastix Aschtand. Meanwhile the invasion of the Red Fens seems to be influenced by some strong forces of khyber, mainly a wild hezrou.  The Three Barrel Cove forces could only be a show of force to discourage the large force of pirates from giving them trouble.  It is unlikely that a single clan would divide their forces in such a way, not to mention that their are rebels that help you in the Red Fens storyline but not in other two, suggesting that these clans are unique.  It is also unlikely that the two such forces (the mindflayer and the hezrou) would be working together in order to control a single clan, group, or tribe. 

I wonder if we will ever be able to see a link between these forces of sahaugin in the future.  

4 thoughts on “Trying to determine a link between various clans or groups of monsters across storylines

  1. Nice introspection. I was enjoying something similar back in July, regarding the Dreaming Dark and its backstory, if you haven’t read it before. The fish-people do seem to get their schools turned around at the slightest provocation, I agree. Same might be true for the duergar, the Eberron Drow (they seem to have their hands in EVERYTHING) and the corruption that periodically screws with the Silver Flame.

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  2. The Dreaming Dark storyline is very interesting, especially if have read Keith Baker’s three book series of the same name. It gives you a little more insight into the Dreaming Dark and Quori. The Drow are very peculiar but, I see the Sulataar Drow of the Searing Heights, the Raveneye Drow of the Red Fens, and the drow of the Menechtarun Desert to be quite distinct. LOL, the Silver Flame is perhaps the most corrupt thing in Stormreach. I also just noted something concerning the Silver Flame yesterday when I was running the Lords of Dust yesterday that I was going to blog about at a later time.

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