Questing through the Vale of Twilight and Ritual Sacrifice

Originally posted on my GuildPortal Blog on May 26, 2013:

On Friday night (May 24th), I logged on relatively late for me and joined up with the rest of the guild and we decided to tackle Ritual Sacrifice to help a few of our guildmates finish flagging for the Shroud.  I have to admit, besides the Gianthold and Desert slayer areas, I would have to rank the Vale of Twilight and its quest series up there as well.  The Vale of Twilight is a beautifully laid out explorer area and I like how the story line of the invading devil armies begins to corrupt the landscape of the Vale. 

I think that the quest Ritual Sacrifice is probably one of the easier quests to run in the Vale, although it is probably one of the longer quests.  It is not nearly as aggravating as the dreaded Coalescence Chamber and not as quick to run as Let Sleeping Dust Lie.  One thing about that quest that has confused me though is how or why the gnolls are involved in this scenario.  What do the gnolls get out of helping the devils?  My best guess is that they can get tainted and that is why you have to kill the fiendish gnolls to progress further in the quest.

Needless to say, our level 15-18 group ran Ritual Sacrifice on Elite and we only died/nearly party wiped once at the named orthon (exactly it was the last spawn of troglodyte casters that killed us).  The rest of quest went quite well, even with me losing party chat (including voice) 3/4 into the quest.  Good ol’times indeed!!!


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