Trying to determine a link between various clans or groups of monsters across storylines-part 2 Kobolds

Some of the wide variety of kobalds in DDO!!  Screenshots courtesy of DDOwiki.

Yesterday I wondered if various groups of sahaugin from mutliple story lines were somehow linked together or from the same clan or tribe.  Well today I decided to take a quick look at the most common and annoying monster in Stormreach, the kobold, to see how these monsters are linked across story lines.

Kobolds are found all throughout Ebberron and especially Stormreach.  Unlike the sahaughin, the story lines pretty much delineate many of these kobold groups to be separate from each other.  We encounter kobolds in a wide array of level ranges from the Harbor and Waterworks, to the Marketplace and Shan-to-Kor, to Three Barrel Cove and House D Sentinel Series, to Mired in Kobolds in the Twelve, to the annoying kobold sappers and miners in the Droamm story line, to Kasquick the Mighty in the Shroud, and to the tainted kobalds in Enter the Kobold.

Perhaps the most well known groups of kobolds are from the Waterworks chain: Clan Gnastooth and Clan Tunnelworm.  These two groups of kobolds appear to have the territory of the Stormreach Harbor sewers split between the two.  As we venture through the Waterworks, we learn that the two clans exist and that they seem to co-exist with each other, unified by their hatred of the upper residents of Stormreach.  One thing of note, did anybody ever notice that Shaman Yiley, Clan Tunnelworm shaman, is found on the Gnasthooth side of the Waterworks while Shaman Har Har, Clan Gnastooth shaman, is found on the Tunnelworm side of the Waterworks slayer area?

So if these these two clans dominate the sewers of the Harbor, then where or who do the rest of the kobolds in the Harbor align themselves with?  All of those kobolds in the Bucther’s Path and Den of the Kobald Brothers belong to what clan?  These groups are actually entities of their own that are independent of the Watework clans and each other.  So what about the kobolds in Shan-to-Kor?  These kobolds also seem to be distinct and not affiliated with any other established group.

Now the kobolds of Three Barrel Cove and those of the Blood Tide from the House D Sentinel series very possibly could be linked.  I can easily see Admiral Ancker striking a deal with Captain Tew to recruit members into his Blood Tide pirates.  However, there is no story line link to indicate this.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Droamm kobolds are a separate entity as well as those from Enter the Kobold and Mired in Kobolds.

One thing is definitely evident with the kobolds, they are a large number of factions within that race and they tend to be lead by a wide array of other, more powerful creatures.  They are just on the low totem pole for monsters in DDO.


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