Nostaligic once again…

Originally posted on my GuildPortal Blog on May 30, 2013:

Last night I played on my free account with my latest character on that account, my ranger Crawlller.  As I was forced to start at level 1 and as I was traveling through Korthos Island, it made me reflect back when I fist starting playing DDO back in April 2006 and that starter area back then.

Boy, were things sure different.  Instead of being shipwrecked on Korthos Island, you simply started out on gang plank to Rook’s Gambit, which had a bar and it’s other side had separate training grounds for fighters, clerics, casters, and rogues.  Euphonia also had her own challenge for new players to get used to the controls.  Now these names refer to the Pirate Cove special event and don’t even come close to resembling what they used to.

After one would get through the training grounds, you could then take a ship to the Stormreach port.  At the port you met with Lord Gerald Goodblade and met Sigmund as well as a few others.  All of these quests have be reformatted into the Korthos Island area, so now you get ported back to the main harbor of Stormreach.  What used to the Stormreach Port is now the Inspired Quarter and where the Mindsunder Quest is used to be the Wavecrest Tavern.

Man have the times changed….


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