The Curse of the Dryden Family

The other day I was running The Lords of Dust and I noticed something for the first time, the name of the novice that is with Inquisitor Gnomen.  The novice is Corin Dryden. 

Novice Corin Dryden in Lords of Dust photo NoviceCorinDydeninLordsofDust_zps11809f3f.jpg

Now talk about having a family curse!!  While running the Catacombs we learn the beginnings of the Dryden family curse and how it has ruined the family.  We learned how Gerard Dryden was obsessed with the power of the Duality.  However, while progressing through the story arc, we learned that current Silver Flame Archbishop, Archbishop Dryden, is actually possessed by the wraith of another relative, Arkasic Dryden, who wants to continue his families earlier explorations of the Duality.  In the process, Marguerite, the Archbishop’s daughter, is sacrificed and turned into a wraith herself. 

And then much later we witness the death of another member of the Dryden family when we find Corin Dryden dying on the floor in the Cultist Base. 

All I can say is, isn’t good to be named a “Dryden”.


One thought on “The Curse of the Dryden Family

  1. Let’s not get into HOWthat family gets into trouble. Odds are, it’s their relationship with the Cannith families. In the first quests you’ll encounter a zombie of a intermarried d’Cannith-Dryden, and you see the resilent Kylea d’Cannith-Dryden as Artificer trainer when she’s not stomping out Bladesworn incursions in “Power Play.”


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