Just stand still!!

Originally posted on my GuildPortal Blog on June 22, 2013: http://www.guildportal.com/Me/540050797/span/2013/6

This is just me wining more than anything else, lol.  Last night after Hellsheals and Erdrique ran a few of the quests from the Harbinger of Madness chain (Missing and Fear Factory) and two runs through Litany of the Dead (a little bit of a frustration their) and after Hellsheals logged for the night, I took Erdrique into House Cannith to run a challenge (wanted to get some benefit of the current feature for the DDO Bonus days ).  I chose to run Buying Time on Level 18 (since Erdrique is currently that level).

So I entered the Planar Palace and summoned my hireling (a level 18 Favored Soul) and brought forth my mind flayer from the Shard of Exoriat.  Luckily, I had a favorable map.  My little make shift party were able to protect the kobolds and collect 100 crystals with little difficulty.  In fact, the crystals were collected with over a minute and a half left to spare.  So I ran back to the Kobold Foreman to extend the time limit to see if I could get more stars and more awards. 

Well, unfortunately my timing was a little off.  I has hoping to talk to him as soon as I hit 100 crystals because as soon as that mark is hit, the marilith will spawn.  Well, the marilith spawned and just when I went to extend the time I realized that the foreman was running around willy nilly trying to get away from her.  I tried several more times to extend the time…but he just wouldn’t stand still….so I decided to focus on the Marilith in the hopes I could take her down fast enough and still add more time.  Well I wasn’t able to do either, I didn’t get killed by she had a sliver of health left when I got ported out of the quest and the time had expired so I didn’t get any more chances to advance the quest.  Lesson to me, keep up with your timing better!! LOL

Well at least I was able to complete the quest


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