Don’t you just love those classic “ooppss” moments

Catastrophy in Repossession photo CatastrophyinRepossession_zpscd82032b.jpg
Erdrique laughing in his grave as he fails to survive the blasted traps in Repossession.

The other day a guildie and I were running two of our true reincarnated characters through the Sharn Syndicate quest chain.  We were running the quest Repossession and we were having a nice smooth run.  I had brought with me a rogue hireling and as well as a cleric hireling.  For this particular life, Erdrique is a barbarian and my guildie was playing a wizard.  I knew we wouldn’t be able to survive the traps in Repossession on elite so that was why I brought the rogue with us. 

Everything was going good as I was having the rogue disable all of the traps on the pillars for each piece of art.  My guildie had been fighting on the other side of the house dealing with the named dog and his trainer.  By the time he made it back to the art room, my rogue hireling had almost finished disabling all the traps when it happened…

My poor guildie thought all of the traps were down and of course picked the one piece of art that still needed to be disabled.  The next thing we knew, traps were going off, and we were nothing more than soul stones…all of us.  Oh well, we had a good chuckle about it.  He warped out and came back and finished the quest.  Have to love those classic “ooppss” moves!!

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