What’s the deal with Osgood?

I meant to write about this earlier but didn’t get a chance so I’m going to try to catch up a little and jot this down for today.  A little while ago, I took Hamllin through the quest Information is Key, which is one of the early quests found in the Stormreach Harbor.  It is bestowed by Shir Clowenks d’Phiarlan whose is lounging around in the Leaky Dinghy.

Evidently, a smuggler named Osgood, has some type of artifact that House Phiarlan “feels” would be better served under their protective custody.  So, we are asked to retrieve this artifact for the House Phiarlan representative.  So as you enter the dwelling you make your through Osgood’s basement battling primarily iron defenders and a few brigands.  The entire time you are chasing a different brigand through the basement.  Eventually you reach him where he evidently decides to make a stand against you and your party with his other buddies.

Hammy prepping for Osgood's basement photo HammypreppingforOsgoodsBasement_zps14375e51.jpgHamllin prepping to have some fun in Osgood’s basement.

However, during this entire time we never come across Osgood himself.  If this artifact was so important, why wouldn’t Osgood be overseeing its protection?  Osgood is a known smuggler, does he have any connection to Hazadil?  Hazadil seems to own the Harbor, own would expect any type of smuggling activity would somehow involve him.  We never do learn what this particular artifact is.  Makes me feel like we are like the “Transporter”.

Well what is a good quest without having some answered questions?  I wonder if Osgood as any other interesting smuggling interests going on.  That’s it for now, thanks for reading!!

A Review of the Haunted Library-Just in Time for Halloween

Hello everybody, it is Hallow’s Eve, better known as Devil’s Night from where I am from .  In keeping with the spirit of Halloween I figured I would write something up about a quest that fits that theme-the Haunted Library.  I just ran The Haunted Library with my main character Erdrique, who is currently working on his level 8 to 10 quests. 

The Haunted Library is an interesting quest that brings out a lot of questions and curious surprises.  The Haunted Library is in House Jorasco and is bestowed by Menos Xuekaine who is located in the Drowning Sorrows Tavern in the front of the House Jorasco ward.  When you speak to Menos, you learn that he was the apprentice to perhaps the most well renowned necromancer in all of Xen’drik (if not Ebberron itself), Tamask Xirazdyn.  However, Tamask has been missing for a few years (two years I believe) and nobody knows exactly where he is or what happened to him.  With his absence, Menos lost the ability to keep the hordes of undead that Tamask had under his control and as a result they have over run their home and library.  Menos claims that inside the house there are three tomes that can help him regain control of those undead mobs.  Evidently Tamask kept the most powerful secrets of his craft to himself and they are written down in these three tomes.  Menos asks for your help in retrieving them.

This leads us to our first set of questions.  First, if Tamask was so powerful why wasn’t he investigated by the members of the Twelve?  Well, it could be that Tamask might have been a member of the Twelve and could have been working on their behalf.  We already known (from the quest Recovering the Lost Tome) that Twelve like to keep on top of arcane magics being conducted.  Also, one begins to wonder if the other necromancers in House Jorasco may have been some of his other students (Necromancer from Delera’s Graveyard, Dead Girl’s Spellbook, and The Graverobber for instance).  How do these evil characters relate to Tamask if at all?  Also, if the Twelve knew of Tamask why would they allow him to conduct necromantic magics unchecked?  Unless of course he was contracted to do so for some other purpose…now that is an interesting thought…

Erd wondering about these bodies in the Haunted LIbrary photo ErdwonderingaboutthesebodiesintheHauntedLibrary_zps64594f5a.jpg
Erdrique wondering about these freshly dead bodies in the Haunted Library.  If the Library hasn’t been inhabited for 2 or more years, what were these guys doing here?

Ok, so after accepting the challenge that Menos has set forth, you enter the Haunted Library and the first thing you encounter is a clay golem.  Ok, why didn’t Menos tell you that there other safety precautions?  He doesn’t mention anything at all about possible constructs (or the numerous traps that you encounter) just that you will have to deal with a large number of strong undead foes.  So that is second set of questions I would have liked answered.  Perhaps the people behind Tamask’s disappearance has set up these safe guards as well, unknown to Menos?  Doubtful…

The rest of mobs you deal with are undead…and boy are there are alot of undead.  We run across wights, plethora of blackbone skeletons, specters, wraiths, and dread zombies.  Tamask sure wasn’t picky about the type of undead mobs he liked to control, that is for sure.  Menos also wasn’t wrong about them being powerful either.  Although these particular monsters don’t bring up any particular questions, the layout of the quests does.  In some instances to proceed further into the dungeon (the library itself) the floor has to fall out for you to proceed.  Well one would think there would be other ways to get to those lower floors without having to fall through the ceiling…there must be some hidden passages somewhere right?  Don’t really know the answer to that one.

But perhaps the most intriguing thing we come across while we are gathering the three tomes, is a wraith named Morrigan Xirazdyn.  Now who exactly is this?  He is evidently related to Tamask in some way or another.  Is he a brother?  Is he Tamask’s father?  Son?  Menos said nothing about this wraith being down here.  Perhaps Morrigan was the source of Tamask’s power? 

The Haunted Library is a challenging and fun adventure that leaves one pondering many questions.  Will Tamask come back?  Will he seek vengeance for the loss of Morrigan?  Is he dead?  These are left unknown…for now.

Well, that is it for today.  Thanks for taking the time to read and happy hunting!! 

Take Everybody’s Mind off of Mabar and Propose a Silly Pondering about the Den of the Kobald Brothers

I know that in recent days the DDO Community (both the blogging community and the forum community) have been voicing a lot of disappointment around Mabar.  Well let me try to take some people’s mind off of that hot topic through out a pondering question.

The other day I was running my second true reincarnated character, Hamllin, through the Den of the Kobold Brothers (also known as Durk’s Got a Secret).  Hammy is currently level 3 so this was just one of his typical runs to get experience and some favor and possibly even a Muckbane.  For those who don’t actually pay any attention to the story lines, Durk (the quest giver) is a little deranged…but you do learn from him that kobold chieftains are fighting with each other in the sewer that is adjacent to him.  So, to help clean up the sewers and to gain a profit while doing it, we can on down there and take care of some business.

Hammy checking out Durk's secret photo HammycheckingoutDurksSecret_zps8e84ed64.jpg
Hamllin having some fun in the Den of the Kobold Brothers.

However, as we are taking care of the respective kobolds, we come across another set of creatures which makes me wonder: troglodytes.  Now, the first two just appear to be henchmen, probably just hired by the kobold brother chieftains to help stir up trouble.  But third is one is quite interesting..

Hammy wondering what is behind the door photo HammywonderingwhatisbehindtheDoor_zps3b8bdedf.jpg
Hamllin pondering what is behind the door….perhaps the real leader of the kobolds?

The third troglodyte is actually a shaman, who seems to be the most powerful monster in the sewer.  I’m beginning to wonder if the kobold chieftains aren’t just servants of is, and he was just sitting back and watching the two squabble to be his second in command.  Not to mention, this shaman is behind a locked door that is protected by a small contingent of kobold forces.  Although Hamllin didn’t get a chance to face the shaman at this time, he knows he is there….so I wonder…who is really the leader of the kobolds in the Kobold Den?

Armor in a treasure bag?

Not too long ago, I written a blog mentioning how I liked the idea of the breakables having a chance of dropping actual loot.  However, it makes me laugh when I come across something like I did the other day:

how does a cloak or suit orf armor fit a bag photo Blog-howdoesacloakorarmorhitinabag_zpscb4bb315.jpg
Erdrique breaking the tombs in Delera’s and enjoying the loot drops, even though they are in likely “containers”.

As pictured above, I was running the Delera’s quest chain and having a good ol’ time breaking crypts and tombs when the above cloak dropped from one of them.  I just had to giggle when a noticed the treasure bag, which doesn’t look any different from the collectible bags dropped from enemy mobs, holding the cloak.  Now, I can see a cloak possibly fitting in such a bag but the same thing actually occurs when a suit of armor drops from a breakable.  I believe this is the case because suits of armor were previously available as potential loot drops before the loot from breakables was enhanced, so that illustration was probably just not looked into modifying.  I wonder if they will get to this in time, since shields and weapons actually drop with a shield or weapon graphic.  Not a big deal for sure, but it is funny to imagine a mob trying to stuff a suit of armor in a bag .

But speaking of the loot drops from the breakables, the other day I was running around the Three Barrel Cove explorer area and this dropped from a crate:

 +1 Tome of Skill +1 Intimidate from a barrel in TBC photo 1TomeofSkillIntimidate1frombarrel_zpsccf4fa29.jpg

Not the most fabulous drop in the world but still fun to come across !!

Well that is it for now, thanks for taking the time to read everybody!!

Time Bomb and Framework is a bunch of fun!!

Sludgge setting off a time bomb in Framework photo SludggesettingoffatimebombinFramework_zps37855c76.jpg
Sludgge enjoying setting off Time Bombs and in the quest Framework.

The quest Framework is one of those quests that can go really bad, really quickly.  The Order of Syncletica recently wrote up a series of blogs that reviewed some of the most difficult at level quests in the game and one of those quests was Framework.  Earlier in the year, I was running Sludgge through this particular quest and I had a tough time in it.  I remembered my difficulties in it and had planned on taking my revenge!!

Well I got my chance earlier in the week.  Sludgge is currently level 19, and although Framework is only level 14 on elite, it is still quite challenging if you aren’t careful and if you are just running it with a few hirelings.  I brought with me my Onyx Panther, Owlbear, and cleric hireling and decided to have some fun in getting my revenge.  Sludgge is a Rogue Mechanic and one of his more enjoyable abilities is Time Bomb.  I decided to experiment with Time Bomb to see how effective it was.  Framework is the perfect quest for such an ability.  As the bells began to ring, and the minotaurs started pouring out, I would set a Time Bomb and wait a few seconds…and revel in the carnage .

Time Bomb seemed to work exceedingly well with a level 19 rogue in this particular quest.  The swarming mentality of the minotaurs allowed for the Time Bomb to be an extremely effective ability and took out a large number of mobs.  The minotaurs had a hard time making their save and routinely took massive amounts of damage.  Pictured above is a Time Bomb going off during the end fight.

So in the end, Sludgge got his revenge against the quest Framework, although quite over the level range, it was still fun to watch that big orange ball going off, the minotaurs disintegrating in a fiery dust, and Sludgge standing victorius .  I even ended up getting around 7k experience, even with a the Onyx Panther with me!!  Now Garrrin needs to payback Acid Wit!!

Thanks for reading everybody!!

Mabar the Endless Night Festival is here!!

Erdrquie in Delera's Graveyard for Mabar photo ErdriqueinDelerasGraveyardforMabar_zps3d55d681.jpg
Erdrique in Delera’s Graveyard the night Mabar the Endless Night Festival re-opend slaying the undead hordes and collecting goodies.

Well, Mabar the Endless Night Festival is back, being reactivated for this season last night.  After I ran some quests with Crawlller, I brought Erdrique on and took him to Delera’s Graveyard to partake in the festivities.  Now, I know that a large group of the DDO players have a number of issues with Mabar, primarily centered around the lag issues it creates, but I have always enjoyed the festival and look forward to it each year.

This year, I would like to continue to work on a few things including getting a few more cloaks of varying levels for a number of my characters, upgrading Lorrikk’s handwraps, getting a few of the new augments, and even possibly a tome or two.  However, my quest in getting this done has already started relatively more difficult than I would like.  I had no problems gathering items to turn in and picked up three Ethereal Keys in less than hour.  Before I new it, the Summoning Chamber was open and I was inside waiting for Eternity.  Shortly later the fight began:

 Erd fighting the Spectral Dragon again photo ErdfightingtheSpectralDragon_zpsb3fd1706.jpg
Erdrique helping to take on the spectral dragon, Eternity.

Things started out fine enough.  I was one of the helpers in the Northwest altar and it seemed to me we had plenty of coverage for the altars and levers.  Eternity made her appearance first in the Northwest altar where I was waiting and fighting ensued….as well as the lag.  We fought on and she later warped to another alter.  One thing I noticed while we were fighting was that the lever never seemed to turn on.  I thought to myself, nah, that can’t be, I must have missed it.  Before I realized it, Eternity was back and we engaged her again as well as her umbral gargoyles.  Again, I didn’t see the light come on and before I knew it, the altar was smashed and we had failed.  I believe this was only the second time I have ever failed in my quest to take Eternity down .

I’m not quite sure what happened, as we zoned out players were complaining of lag, but others noted that the light/lever never came on in the Northwest altar, making me think that we had some newer folks on that lever, and confirming my earlier notion that the light was never turned on.  Thus my quest to get all of that stuff has started out rough, but I will try it again and we’ll see how much I can get done.

There are a few things I wish we could get with Mabar though.  It would be nice if we could get some experience when Eternity is slain, as it is a quest.  I’m ok with the guild renown being available through the use of motes.  The other thing that would be nice would be the use of voice chat in the area as you zone into the summoning chamber.  Using the general chat is a nice idea but it is cumbersome and it would have been much easier to ask if anybody could throw the lever via voice chat as opposed to typing it while we are getting beat on.  But those are minor, overall I do enjoy beating down some undead mobs and am looking forward to a rematch!! 

Thanks for reading !!

Wondering about the factions and how they interact in Searing Heights

Erd Exploring Searing Heights photo ErdriqueexploringSearingHeights_zps6d97eb67.jpg
Erdrique exploring the volcanic wildnerness area of the Searing Heights.

Earlier today, I completed all the slayers, explorers, and rare encounters for the Searing Heights wilderness area with Erdrique.  As I was venturing through the explorer area I was wondering about how the various factions found within the wilderness area interact with each other.  In Searing Heights, we have the following factions:

1).  Bloodtide Pirates
2).  Sulatar Drow (along with their fire mephits, hellhounds, and fire elementals)
3).  Ghamzee and the other black wolves
4).  Shute Ruggzen, scorrow scorpion warrier
5).  Undead (Cruor Russo and Giallo)
6).  Guck

So, what are the likely possible scenarios in which these factions interact with each other?  As you explore the area, it appears that these factions all have one common goal, stopping you!!  However, I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case in at least one instance.  But for now, let me try to see if I can somehow tie these factions together.

The first set of enemies you will encounter when you enter the Searing Heights are the various pirates of the Bloodtide horde.  Good ol’ Captain Tew has sent in a number of troops into the Searing Heights to help guard the Bargain Bizarre.  The Bloodtide Pirates appear to be the second largest group of mobs in the Searing Heights and there most likely is some type of alliance between them and the Sulatar Drow.  My initial thinking is that Bloodtide Pirates supply the Sulatar Drow with their necessary sacrifices from the Bargain Bizarre.  This is probably used as some sort of payment so that the Sulatar Drow permit them to be in the area. 

The largest set of enemies that a character will encounter in Searing Heights is the Sulatar Drow.  These drow are different from the drow found in the Menechtarun Desert or those from the Red Fens.  These drow worship the ancient fire giants who used to enslave them.  Since the Searing Heights is primarily focused around a huge volcano, finding a fire loving tribe of enemies isn’t too surprising.  The Sulatar have a large number of wizards and clerics which means that the presence of a large number of hellhounds, fire mephits, and fire elementals isn’t too surprising as they are likely summoned forth from the wizards and the clerics. 

There are two undead creatures, found very close to the primary stronghold of the Sulatar drow, that kind of make things a little confusing.  The first is a blackbone skeleton warrior named Cruor Russo and the second is a shadow warrior named Giallo.  I’m thinking that these two undead creatures were once Sulatar drow.  I can very easily see this for the blackbone skeleton, as they are immune to fire damage, therefore retaining the fire theme.  However, I’m a little confused about Giallo, who is a shadow.  I’m guess that he might have been some type of Sulatar necromancer who brought up Cruor Russo and in the process died and was reformed as a shadow.  I think this because we don’t come across any necromancers in the Sulatar stronghold.  At least not that I can tell, as they don’t seem to be casting any necromantic type spells.

There is also another quandry when it comes to the Sulatar and the other drow warrior present, Shute Ruggzen.  Shute Ruggzen is actually a member of the scorrow, similar to the drow found in the Menechtarun desert.  And he is actually an infiltrator that is supposed to be warring against the Sulatar.  In fact one of this comments as you are fighting him is to help him punish the Sulatar drow.  Unfortunately, the doesn’t attack any of the them and they don’t attack him.  This actually throws a little disconnect in the storylines here, and in fact often times he will be joined by the Sulatar drow to fight against you, which shouldn’t really be occurring. 

Another mind bender, at least for me, is how the wolves fit into this.  The wolves are often grouped with the Bloodtide Pirates and the Sulatar drow.  My original thinking is that the Sulatar leaders (Hazai Haatha and Itharn Ushu) have made some pack with the black wolf pride leader, Ghamzee.  I’m thinking that this pact is pretty strong and that the wolves and Sulatar drow were inhabiting the Searing Heights well before the Bloodtide Pirates arrived.  With the tenuous arrangement between the Bloodtide and the Sulatar, the Bloodtide Pirates were granted the additional protection from the wolves, and actually maybe spies/scouts for the Sulatar agains the Bloodtide Pirates, assuming that the Sulatar can communicate with them.  And with as many rangers as the Sulatar have, I can easily see this as being a possibility.

So that only leaves us with…Guck.  Alone in his cave, there is no doubt that Guck is just an entity all to his own.  His cave is generally protected by the Sulatar so I wonder if they use Guck as some type of painful torturing “device” or just use Guck as a means to dispose of “waste”.  Not really sure on that aspect.

Well that is it for now, thanks for reading !!

Never noticed before..

Never Noticed these runes before-blog photo NeverNoticedtheserunesbefore-blog_zps132169ea.jpg
While taking Erdrique through the Delera’s storyarc I noticed these runes for the first time..

So once again, I’m going to talk about the Delera’s Story Arc one more time.  I noticed something for the first time while taking Erdrique through the arc over the weekend and that is the runes pictured above in the quest Free Delera.  Now I do consider myself to pretty observant, maybe not noticing everything that goes on, but still pretty observant.  Now put that on top of the fact that I have been playing DDO since March/April 2006 and for the first time I realized the runes pictured above lighting up in Free Delera.

Now if you can’t remember, Free Delera is the quest that has the soul lock guardians that I wrote about yesterday.  Well, the soul lock guardians themselves are actually optional, but the other undead that burst out of the coffins in some of the soul lock rooms are necessary to kill in order to get the various gates to lower.  Well, as I was beating up on the undead mobs, I noticed that as I killed the mobs that burst forth from the coffins, a rune inside the coffin would light up.  I just have never seen/noticed before and it put a little smile on my face

I love how I can be questing in one of the oldest quest chains and still come across new things in the game.  It helps to keep the game fresh and enjoyable.  Here is to noticing other little joys!!! .

Who are the Soul Lock Guardians?

Erd taking on the Soul-lock Guardians photo ErdtakingontheSoul-LockGuardians_zpscc07692c.jpg
Erdrique fighting a soul lock guarding in the quest Free Delera.

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend I took Erdrique through the Delera’s storyarc and while I was progressing through the chain a number of things (or questions) came to mind.  One of these was about the soul lock guardians in the quest Free Delera.  The soul lock guardians are wraiths that have been given the task to guard the soul locks to Delera’s soul.  They basically are the factors keeping Delera’s soul trapped in its wraith form.

But who are the soul guardians?  How did they get there to begin with?  Who are they working for?  My impression is that they are the minions of the necromancer.  I’m assuming that they were powerful members or warriors at one time that the necromancer has somehow raised in order to keep Delera’s soul trapped and tormented.  However, I also wonder if they are somehow linked to the Delera’s house.  It is interesting to see us fight a number of the Omaren family members during the quest chain and it makes me wonder if the soul lock guardians aren’t part of the Omaren family of if they were powerful servants of the family.  Just something to ponder .