Interesting times with my Mechanic Rogue

Sludgge Fighting in Gianthold photo SludggeFightinginGianthold_zps07082fd2.jpg
Sludgge experimenting with his abilities out in the Gianthold explorer area.

With the recent enhancement pass, I had to redo my rogue Sludgge, who is a warforged Mechanic.  Prior to the update, Sludgge was also a mechanic but he rarely had a chance to use any of his special abilities such as Wrack Construct.  However, with the new enhancement pass, he was able to learn a number of new abilities and to get an ability or two from the Assassin tree (I really like the Envemoned Blades).

So, to experiment, I took Sludgge out to the explorer area for Gianthold.  I had a fun time tossing a number of bombs including: Tanglefoot, Thunderstone, Ooze flask, and Time Bomb.  I was particularly impressed with Time Bomb.  During this experimentation, I had headed off over to the Stormfist Brigade area and had the rare encounter Captain Two Stone.  When he saw me I was already laying down the Time Bomb.  I had finished putting it down just as he caught up to me and started to engage him and his following hobgoblins.  I didn’t actually attack/hit him yet but after a couple seconds the Time Bomb went off and I was surprised to watch as all the monsters in the immediate vicinity, including Captain Two Stone, evaporated into dust.  A powerful ability indeed, but I wonder how well it work on higher level mobs and it definitely take some time to get a feel for when to place it down.

The other bombs are thrown and I was surprised at how often the Tanglefoot bomb ensnared mobs.  Overall, my preliminary thoughts are that the Mechanic is much better than it used to be and I look forward working with Sludgge’s new abilities.


2 thoughts on “Interesting times with my Mechanic Rogue

  1. I LOVE my mechanic; she was my very first toon. But sometimes I did wish she had a way to be more of a factor as far as killing stuff. I’ve only messed around with a few of the bombs, but so far I’ve been surprised how well they work. Even though she’ll always be mostly a support character, it’s great having something that makes her more viable – not bad for a squishy 28-point rogue. 🙂


    • LOL, yeah my Mechanic is also a 28 point build who is in dire need of a TR. However, that will have to wait until I get through a few more lives on some of my other alts. He is fun though, I do enjoy playing him!!


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