The Awkward Silence of the Pug Group

Erd taking the party through Depths of Discord photo ErdtakingthepartythroughDepthsofDiscord_zpsd7fd78b1.jpg
Erdrique and Khamel grouping with some pugs in the Depths quests….and with the awkward silence.

Yesterday, I logged in Erdrique to do his mid-day quest runs and I had targeted the House Deneith Depths (Depths of Darkness, Depths of Discord, Depths of Doom, and Depths of Despair) quests as my next set of conquests .  Just as a quick side note here, if you can pick the right starting quest, you can move from each quest to the next quest without having to recall out to House Deneith, but it never fails with me concerning these four quests, that I always pick the wrong “starting quest” and always wind up having one quest to return to after I have completed and traveled through the other three, talk about annoying. 

Well, another guildie was logged on and we paired up and since I would like to recruit more members into the Crypt Crawlers, I decided to open up the group on the LFM panel.  Over the past few days, I haven’t had much luck getting folks to join my groups, but in a short time frame we had a wizard and a paladin join our group.  We were also already using two hirelings. 

I brought the wizard and the paladin into the group and welcomed them and made sure they knew where the quest was.  I also mentioned that we had just started.  I received a few acknowledgements through Party Chat but that was about it.  For the majority of the run, we had complete and utter silence, LOL.  You know that silence, that awkward silence where nobody wants to say anything and that everybody is just being shy.

Now, I’m not the most “talkative” or “open” person in the world but I tried a few times to stir up some conversation and congratulated the group after each successful completion but I didn’t get a peep at all back.  I’m not sure if these players had a microphone or not but I didn’t even get that much back from the type chat either.  Heck, even my poor guildie was having problems with his microphone so he wasn’t using his voice chat either.  LOL, just one of those awkward silences I guess.

Needless to say we completed the runs with very few problems on elite and extended Erdrique’s elite streak into the 200s, albeit very quietly!!

6 thoughts on “The Awkward Silence of the Pug Group

  1. Hey. 🙂 Depts of despair is the first one, for some reason the name has stuck in mind. They are 2 lvl 4s and 2 lvl 5s, starting with the lvl 4s. I couldn’t tell u the contents or in which order the rest are run, only that despair is the first one.

    🙂 I’m quite talkative over mic, but it’s a lot nicer when ppl respond. Most of the time I get someone responding, if nothing else just a confirmation that they heard what I said or whatnut. But when I’ve been raiding with Matrix, at times they’ve been completely silent, and I just talk. 😛 I think I have an issue with silence. Well, unless I’m just too tired to talk, then I just run the quest in silence.


    • LOL, yeah typically I get a few people to talk, I never did fill the the group that the two hirelings took, I’m sure that would have helped, to have 6 people instead of only 4.


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