Been awhile since I had a tough time but now Partycrashers is on my payback list!!

Kolll wondering what the signal crystals are for photo Kolllwonderingwhatthesignalcrystalsarefor_zps520fb5a0.jpg
Kolll breezing through Party Crashers on Epic Normal with hirelings….until he hits the gala and perishes in a flame of glory…but he vows he will be back!!

Kolll, (Level 20 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) is one of my newest epic characters and I had decided that one of the first set of quests I wanted to run with him was the House Phiarlan Carnival Series on Epic Normal.  I had no particular hard interest in this chain, I just like to have some my characters running the Ebberron quests and others the Forgotten Realms quests.

Kolll had already breezed through A Small Problem on Epic Normal, enjoying his new enhancements from his Arcane Archer tree.  But now it was time to run the second quest, Partycrashers.  Since Kolll had just hit level 20 not too long ago, I still had the Level 19 cleric hireling in his pack, Klin.  I also brought forth the Onyx Panther and the Level 17 Owlbear and proceeded to enter the quest. 

I was pleasantly surprised…at first.  I blew through the majority of the quest without an issues.  Now mind you I went in on Epic Normal, but sill I had a much easier time than I was expecting.  I was also still experimenting with the Arcane Archer tree and Kolll’s myriad of bows to figure what combinations were the best to use.  However, once I got to the grand gala of the quest I realized that I was going to have some problems.

Kolll doesn’t have a high enough bluff to get the disguised tiefling posing as a waitress to get into the library or enough bluff to get the tiefling disguised as an elf captain to go into the library.  This didn’t bow well because it meant I was going to have to deal with them at the end fight.  However, I wasn’t all that worried about them, I was really worried about the hiding tiefling party upstairs.  I had no way to get that locked door open to get to the tiefling strongman his tiefling raiding party up there.  That really concerned me because that is the party that has the majority of the seers and casters. 

So I gathered my makeshift party together and decided to try the last fight as best as I could and hope it wouldn’t be a disaster.  Things started out well.  After Cyan did her little conversation with the Viceroy, the fight started but I only had the original assassin and the disguised waitress show up.  I was thinking to myself that it didn’t seem right but I didn’t complain and quickly took those two out but then, after about a minute or so, the rest disguised tiefling captain and the upstairs party showed up and made mince meat of me and the party .

I popped into the quest two more times and still wound up getting my butt handed to me.  I just didn’t have the DPS to get past the seer’s healing and for some reason the hirelings get switching their attack targets.  I should have prepped better, I knew better.  Next time, if I can’t get a rogue to help me, I’m going to bring a bell and make sure I take the party out upstairs before the last fight. 

Partycrashers, you are going down the next time I bring Kolll in there!! 


5 thoughts on “Been awhile since I had a tough time but now Partycrashers is on my payback list!!

  1. I have a tip for you (spoiler alert: stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers): I use this on characters that can’t lockpick stuff when they solo:

    Find and talk to Drake Aramon in the Ball Room. He will give you the key to the viceroy’s office. Go back to the viceroy’s office. There will be a Jeweled Key (purple-ish) on a table in the back next to an urn that is also an optional. Grab both. This key will open up the upstairs room that the tiefling are in. Ta-da! Beware that when you try to leave the office a bunch of illusionary guards spawn and you have to kill all of them to be able to leave the office.

    At least this works in heroic elite. I think the key is still there in the epic version.


    • You know, I never realized what that key was for in the Viceroy’s personal chambers where Nat Gan’s urn is. Glad to know that it unlocks the room upstairs!! Thanks!! That will definitely help the next time I’m in there.


  2. The epic Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate DCs are wickedly high to get the tieflings under wraps–in the 50s. Means that your toon has to be maximally trained from level 1, with gear, to have a shot. Apparently there’s no such thing as being a half-assed spy. 🙂


  3. Yeah, there is no way my Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate will get that high on Kolll. I’ll have to deal with those particular names, they don’t worry as much as the party in the upstairs room.


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