Kobold Engineers…really?

Originally posted on my Guildportal Blog on 6/29/2013: http://www.guildportal.com/Me/540050797/span/2013/6

The other day I was running Erdrique through his level grind and I decided to run part of the Attack on Stormreach quest chain.  I had already started the chain and was on the quest Blockade Buster.  If you aren’t familiar with Blockade Buster, the main objective is to simply swim to three Droaam boats and sink them so that the Stormreach Harbor won’t be blockaded any longer.

So I entered the quest and headed to the first ship, dispatching many orcs, gnolls, and ogres along they way and then I made my way from the top deck to the inner workings of the boat.  Now I have done this quest and the chain a number of times…but at that moment I realized that the kobolds at the bottom the of the boat are the brains of the machinery and explosive devices that are on the boat and that have been laid in the water.  These same kobolds are also the master minds of the tunnel in the next quest of the chain, Undermine.  The kobolds are actually kobold engineers…now think about this…Engineers are supposed to be extremely intelligent and able to work designs and solutions to complicated problems.  LOL, all of the kobolds I have encountered in game don’t really match this description.

Of all of the creatures in the Droaam forces, you would think the leaders of their armies would be using creatures that are known more for their intelligence, and not necessarily kobolds.  I’m not sure I would feel to comfortable relying on kobolds to make sure my explosives are working properly…lol..would you?


2 thoughts on “Kobold Engineers…really?

  1. Kobolds can and do show intelligence though. If it wasn’t true, they wouldn’t have any shamans/witch doctors/seers…
    They can be smart it’s just that not many are 🙂


  2. Kobolds may seem dumb, but most Droaam enemies are dumber. Thus the use of resourceful kobolds. They also populate the “Undermine” quest.

    I like to go all stealth in here. A Rogue with high Hide/Move Silently and good INT can completely destroy all three ships without waking or killing a soul, using detonators and quick dispatch of a few moving engineers before they hit the alarm (the toughest part in game). A Ninja Spy does fine, too. Entering doors here do not pull you out of stealth or invisibility.


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