Those unexpected spells that are life savers!!

Originally posted on my Guildportal Blog on 6/28/2013:

I’m not sure how often this happens to other players but I find the type of thing I’m getting ready to explain occurring to me more and more, especially as I add more and more characters/alts to my list to play.  The other day I was running my epic level cleric (Level 22), Wapoyei, and I decided to try to run some of the Red Fens quests on epic normal.  I have never taken Wapoyei through the Red Fens and I haven’t tried many of theses quests on epic difficulties.  So I took Wapoyei into the Red Fens and picked up the first quest in the chain, The Last Stand. 

Now since I don’t play Wapoyei extremely often, I typically forget what spells he has loaded, where they are placed on his hot bars (if you have ever seen my screenshots you know that I’m a hot bar junky on all of my characters), or where his special abilities are typically located on the hot bars.  So it generally takes me about an hour or so of playing to get everything back down to normal, lol.

Well, I popped into The Last Stand on Epic Normal and brought forth my panther and level 21 legendary dreadnaught hireling (the name escapes me).  Things started out well enough as I pushed through the first two waves of attacks from swarming saughin and mud men and protected the quest NPC without difficulty.  Well, then the third wave started and soon I simply got overwhelmed and before I new it the hirelings were dead, I was dead, and the NPC was dead resulting in a quest failure.  So as I was ported back out of the quest to re-try it I noticed two spells I had selected and that I didn’t use: Symbol of Stunning and Symbol of Persuasion.  So I decided to make sure I use these two spells as I didn’t bother the last time.

So I popped back into the quest and when the third wave started I through a Symbol of Persuasion and watched with relief as the majority of the raging saughin became charmed and started attacking their fellow counterpars.  Using Symbol of Persuasion, I was easily able to get past the waves and to complete the quest.

So once again, I failed a quest because I forgot which spells I had loaded and realized that I did have what I needed.  But I prevailed finally and got the last word!!  Now, to just keep up with the all of my character’s abilities a little better so that I don’t run into this situation anymore….


One thought on “Those unexpected spells that are life savers!!

  1. 🙂 Those two spells I’ve actually never used. Or I’ve thrown them randomly some time to test them, and decided they didn’t do it for me. Of the symbols the one I more frequently used was symbol of death, as u can kite the mobs through it and they’ll get a neg level each time (I think 4 was the max?)… after which u implode them to death. 🙂 At current level I don’t really use that one anymore either. But note, I hate soloing, the only quest I really solo, is ADQ pre on eN while waiting for other ppl to join me… and at lvl 28 it isn’t really a challenge. 🙂


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