Quest chain mechanics in DDO

Originally posted on my Guildportal Blog on 7/27/2013:

On Friday (July 26th 2013), I decided I was going to take Erdrique (Level 21 Cleric/Shiradi Champion) through the House Pharlain Carnival Quest Chain on Epic settings.  I had already picked up the quest chain last weekend and had completed the first quest in the chain “A Small Problem” on Epic Normal.  So that left me three quests to get through for Friday night: Party Crashers, The Snitch, and Under the Big Top.  Now a while back, Turbine had made changes to all quest chains where if you completed the quest chain in order at least once, then the next time you run decide to run the quest chain you can complete the quests in any order you wish and still get the end quest reward.  Although you can do this, I typically still follow the general order of the quests within in the chain but every once in awhile I will change things up.

I mention this because I ran across a pleasant surprise when I was working on this chain.  Evidently I had already completed Under the Big Top previously, I was probably helping a guildy get through it.  So after I completed Party Crashers and The Snitch I went ahead to advance the chain to the Under the Big Top.  Well instead I received a chain quest reward for the chain completion, pleasant surprise indeed!!  The only issue I have with this mechanic is that there really isn’t a way to indicate that you have completed a quest for a particular chain once you restarted the chain.  I wish there was some look up to help you determine that.  But in either case, it was nice to be pleasantly surprised!!


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