Trying to determine a link between various clans or groups of monsters across storylines-part 5 Bugbears

Bugbears that we come across in DDO (screenshots courtesy of DDOwiki)

I haven’t drafted another monster comparison across storylines this week and thought I would continue my series today.  Today I figured I would look at bugbears, another commonly encountered monster at the lower levels of the game.  From what I can tell, I came up with about five different goups of bugbears that span different storylines:

1).  Hazadill’s Bugbears (Baudry Cartamon Series, Hiding in Plain Sight, Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan, The Kobold’s New Ringleader)

2).  Mercenary Bugbears (Tangleroot Gorge, Archer Point Defense, Tharashk Arena, Cerulean Hills)

3).  Pirate Bugbears (Smuggler’s Rest, Three Barrel Cove, Bargain of Blood, Irestone Inlet)

4).  Crooktooth in the Red Fens

There is no doubt that the most famous bugbear in the game is Hazadill.  His storyline starts out from the Baudry Cartamon Quest string during our character’s early questing career when we learn how Hazadill is causing issues for Baudry and is a dangerous being to cross.  The storyline continues when we learn that Hazadill has been smuggling in goods from the Restless Isles.  Once on the Restless Isles, we meet up with Hazadill’s contacts and learn that the contacts really get the smuggled good from the ogres who have overrun the isles.  This is why I have associated the bugbear elite guards of Ghola-fan into this group.  I can easily see Hazadill offering up some elite guard to help protect Ghola-fan for his continued service in supplying goods for Hazadill’s smuggling business.  But notice that I put “Kobold’s New Ringleader” in this list as well.  Hazadill has such a large presence in the Harbor, that I find it very hard for me to believe that a random Ogre leader could recruit so many bugbears into this service.  My thinking is that Hazadill has made a deal with the Ogre leader: I will give you some muscle to help coral these kobolds but I would like to be able to use the kobolds when necessary.  Hence we look back to the Baudry chain.

Perhaps the largest group of bugbears are those “mercenary” type bugbears.  I put these into a single group but I really can’t see a clear storyline or path across these bugbears.  There are many bugbears associated with hoghoblins but then we also have the bugbears in the Cerulian Hills, associated with the orcs.  I just think these bugbears are separate with no links, at least not yet…

Now the pirate bugbears are quite interesting.  We have those bugbears from the Smuggler’s Rest, Three Barrel Cove, Blood Tide Pirates (House D Sentinel Series), and those from Irestone Inlet.  The Smuggler’s Rest and Irestone Inlet storylines are distinct and separate from the Three Barrel Cove and Blood Tide Pirates.  It is possible that some of the Blood Tide Pirates were recruited by Captain Tew, or were taking during the assault on the Black Loch, which would align these storylines.

Crooktooth, the Red Fens raider, is just plainly unique.  He has absolutely no connection to any of the other bugbears and just appears to be a recluse.

Well that is it for today, thanks for taking the time to read my random thoughts!!


5 thoughts on “Trying to determine a link between various clans or groups of monsters across storylines-part 5 Bugbears

  1. Clean, clear and fun to read. I love the hoghoblins you dropped in there. Owlbears step aside do we have a new hybrid! Hobgoblin with Orc? Please don’t try to distract me by claiming a misspelling. We all need our heroes ;-).


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