The Ruins in Tangleroot Gorge

Erd contemplating the ruins in TR photo ErdcontemplatingtheruinsinTangleroot_zpsecc15cfc.jpg
Erd wondering about these ruins in Tangleroot Gorge.

As I work my way through Erdrique‘s current life as a barbarian, the guildies and I have been doing a number of level 5, 6 and 7 quests which include Assault on Splinterskull in Tangleroot Gorge.  Tangleroot Gorge is an explorer area that contains primarily hobgoblins, wolves, worgs, troglodytes, bugbears, and spiders.  There are a few other monster types thrown in here and there (a few scorpions, a rust monster, a named giant, etc.) but for the most part the area is composed of the previous list of monsters.

One of the explorer areas in Tangleroot Gorge is to find a set of ruins.  When you come across the ruins, the dungeon master voice over indicates that these ruins indicate the presence of an ancient civilization, however it doesn’t offer any more than that.  Tangleroot Gorge is located almost due West of Stormreach on the Xen’drik content and it appears to be not too far away from the Phoenix Basin.  This seems to suggest to me that the area could have been easily accessible and possibly a good place for shipping assuming the river to the gorge reaches the Phoenix Basin.

So I wonder what race settled there.  The ruins don’t look like those in Stormreach, which we know are from the great ancient giant civilization.  And we know that the great battle with the Quori left the ancient giant civilization in ruin.  But what effected the civilization in Tangleroot?  Was it a great empire as well?  Did it pre-date the giants?

There are many possibilities here.  Perhaps the ruins were an outpost from one of the other continents.  Maybe it was a dwarven or human civilization that sprang up after the giant stronghold fell.  I doubt it was a drow settlement, as it appears that most of the drow in Xen’drik prefer to make villages in the jungles and not made from stone.  I wonder if this will be picked up at some later time.  But it also begs to question if this ancient civilization also constructed the fortress that is currently dominated by bugbears and Splinterskull itself which is being run by Yarkuch hobgoblins.

In either case, the ruins of Tangleroot remain a mystery.  For now…


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