Korthos relatively empty :(

Hamllin noticing the emptyness of Korthos Island photo HamllinnoticingtheemptinessofKorthos_zps166149a5.jpg
Hammy noticing the emptiness of Korthos .

Last week or so, I put my second character through a true reincarnation, Hamllin.  As a result, I ran through the regular tutorial stuff and made my way to Korthos and joined up with some of my guildmates who had also created some lower level characters.  As we were chatting, I noticed how empty Korthos Island was.  I play on the Thelanis server, which I typically find to have a pretty healthy playerbase, at least in my mind, but I noticed that when I was logged on and walking through Korthos with my guildmates, that we were the only ones in the instance .  I had never seen Korthos Island so empty before.  I noticed this on Wednesday at around 6:00 pm EST, so it wasn’t the ideal play time but also not the least played time either.  My guildies also commented on the lack of players in Korthos.

Later during the weekend, we played this set of characters again.  This time it was Sunday (yesterday actually) at around 9:45 pm EST.  The screenshot above shows the activity in Korthos Village at the time and we only saw three other folks running around.  However, as we started questing, we did see much more chatter in the General Chat on Sunday, which was good because we didn’t come across any chatter at all on Wednesday. 

I’m hoping this was just a unique case and a slow time but it did make me a little discouraged.  Hopefully we will be getting more recruits into the game because it is a great game and a great way to enjoy your free time.


2 thoughts on “Korthos relatively empty :(

    • Yeah, I was happy to see that Korthos was busier on Sunday as opposed to mid week. I plan on playing Hammy today and I’ll probably pop out into Korthos for a few quick slayers before I hit up some of the Harbor quests. Hoping to see another packed Korthos!! 🙂


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