Why would one experiment on a spider, especially such as one as Red Fang?

Originally posted on my Guildportal Blog on 7/30/2013: http://www.guildportal.com/Me/540050797/span/2013/7

I took Harrgon (Level 7 Favored Soul) through the quest Red Fang recently.  The quest is located in the Stormreach Marketplace and it is bestowed by Basil Tallbarrow.  As you are traveling along the Marketplace, you will come across Basil sitting outside of his house worrying about his experiment.  See, the purpose of this quest is to destroy the magical beast that Basil created.  Evidently Basil, experimented on monstrous black widow spider and created Red Fang:


Basil tampered with and altered Redfang giving her some potent poison effects and of course she escaped and made her home in his sub basement.  And to top it off, as you go through the quest you come across some other experiments such as a Bile (a scorpion), Tarnish (a rust monster), Goliath (a gargoyle), Vragon (a Troll) and Venom (another spider).  It appears that Venom was actually an offspring of Red Fang (although this seems a little odd since Venom is a brown spider and not a black widow…). 

My question here is who in their right mind would experiment on a monstrous black widow spider?  What was Basil thinking?  And what about the Troll, where did that thing come from.  Did Basil even know it was down there in his sub basement? 

Perhaps Basil needs to keep is experiments to butterflies…


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