A note about Trial by Fire

Originally posted on my Guildportal Blog on8/25/2013: http://www.guildportal.com/Me/540050797/span/2013/8

Last night I took Erd and his gang of hirelings through Trial by Fire on Epic Normal and a question came to mind.

Why are the ancient arachnids working with the Blackheart Trolls in the Gianthold?  The Blackheart trolls seem to have some formidable allies with these powerful spiders.  I don’t see anything in the quest lore to explain this situation.  It makes me wonder if the Blackheart Trolls are forcing the spiders to work with them, kind of like the ogres and rhaksashas in the quest Let Sleeping Dust Lie.  One of the optionals in Trial by Fire though is to kill the ancient arachnid queen instead of rescuing her. 

So it makes you wonder how this particular alliance was formed?  The Blackheart Trolls appear to have some type of influence over these powerful spiders, or is it the other way around??


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