Thoughts on Items Dropping From Crates and Other Breakables

Blog +1Frost Dwarven Axe of Bloodletting drop from crate photo Blog-1FrostDwarvenAxeofBloodlettingdrop_zps2ed6f28c.jpg
Erd running through Splinterskull and coming across a pleasant surprise hidden in a barrel!!

One of the more recent changes to the game was the changes to allow breakables (crates, barrels, book cases, etc.) to actually drop loot.  I believe this actually occurred last year with the release of Menace of the Underdark.  Prior to this point, these items would generally just drop some form of coins (copper, silver, gold, or platinum), ranged weapons, and every once in awhile a suit of armor. 

When this change was first put into place, I was quite surprised to hear a “clanking” noise and to notice that a weapon that had fallen out of the crate.  The same instance happened to me later, when I was questing through Tangleroot and came across the +1 Frost Dwarve Axe of Bloodletting” pictured above and it reminded me how cool I thought that was.  It gives us another reason to take the time to destroy the crates, barrels, bookcase, and vases in a dungeon or area besides just looking for “ransack”.  I have actually pulled a few +1 Tomes from breakables from quests in Heroic Gianthold, not bad for just creating mayhem.  By providing this feature, it also gives the game some more depth, as it shows there are reasons why the mobs have these things in their respective dungeons and that they are really necessary potential storage.  Until then, it primarily felt we were just making a mess in the instance by destroying empty containers. 

I always tease my guildies for not breaking crates and barrels when they are zerging ahead of me, especially when we hear the familiar “clank” or “ring” of item dropping out from them.  I’m glad this addition was made and I look forward to coming across more loot in this fashion!!


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