Trying to determine a link between various clans or groups of monsters across storylines-part 6 Hobgoblins

The hobgoblins of DDO (screenshots courtesy of DDOwiki).

The next part in my series that looks at determining links between monsters across multiple storylines bring us to hobgoblins.  Hobgoblins could be argued to be almost as frequently encountered as kobolds.  Using the DDOwiki, I grouped the various groups of hobgoblins that we encounter into ten general categories.  I have listed them below:

Clans or Groups of Hobgoblins:
1).  Cloven-Jaw Scourge (Gianthold), Shan-to-kor and Waterworks
2).  Arzag-Khor (Tears of Dhakaan, Gianthold)
3).  Darguul
4).  Splinterskull
5).  Bloodtide/Three Barrel Cove/Crystal Cove
6).  Yaaryar’s pirates (Irestone Inlet)
7).  Red Willow/Ruind Halls/Gwylan’s Stand/Archer Point Defense/Gladewatch Outpost
8).  Depths of Darkness
9).  Spectator in VON 1
10).  Thaar clan

Trying to determine a link between these groups has been more difficult than the other groups in mine opinion.  There are two primary forces of hobgoblins that our characters seem to encounter: those from the Cloven-Jaw Scourge and Arzag-Kor.  The Cloven-Jaw Scourge are linked to our characters early in their careers as we encounter them during Waterworks and Shan-to-Kor.  While the hobgoblins in Waterworks aren’t identified as being part of the Cloven-Jaw Scourge, I can’t help but think they are part of this group and are trying to recruit kobold workers for those hobgoblins in Shan-to-Kor.  The Cloven-Jaw Scourge are also quite prominent in Gianthold, again putting a link between Gianthold and the Stormreaver back to STK.

We first come across the Arzag-Kor when we run the Tears of Dhakaan.  This powerful clan also makes an appearance in the Gianthold where they tend to be tentatively working with the Cloven-Jaw Scourge.  The alliance is quite confusing and tenuous as we see when we run A Cabal for One and we see the Arzag-Kor spellcasters constantly harassing the Cloven-Jaw Scourge warriors.  This could be an interesting storyline to develop further.

The other hobgoblins seem to be separate and unique entities, with two of them being from clans that we are helping against other clans.  Of these secondary clans, the largest and most commonly encountered is perhaps that of Tangleroot Gorge.  The hobgoblins of the Darguul, led by Chieff Ungurz, recruit us to destroy Chief Yarkuck of Splinterskull.  The Splinterskull hobgoblins have taken control of the fortress in Tangleroot and have been creating all kinds of havoc.  However, we don’t come across the Darguul tribe or any other hobgoblins from Splinterskull in later adventures.  Perahps we will in the future!!

Prior to meeting Chief Ungurz, our characters will come across the pirate Yaaryar and his clan of hobgoblins on Irestone Inlet.  Yaaryar and his pirates are completely unique and separate from the other storylines.  Yaaryar probably has some ties to the pirates in Three Barrel Cove and the Crystal Cove by just being simply a pirate but I have no solid storyline to put that together with.  However, the other pirates do seem to share a link to each other.  Those of the Bloodtide, Three Barrel Cove, and Crystal Cove can easily be linked since the Bloodtide storyline essentially has those pirates taking over Three Barrel Cove.  I can easily see Captain Tew making plans and breaking alliances between other pirates such as Captain Dustyn to take over Three Barrel Cove and to even attempt to take over Crystal Cove after, of course conquering the House Deneith Enclave, which of course we stop .

Now the other hobgoblins in Red Willow, Ruined Halls, Gwylan’s Stand, Gladewatch Outpost, and Archer Point Defense all seem to be unique and seem to be hired mercenaries.  Its hard to see if any of these groups are linked to each other or to any of the other previously mentioned clans.  By looking at the rough Eberron map, it does appear possible that Chief Yarkuck could be providing the mercenary help for the assault on Gladewatch Outpost to the Ogre leader.  So their could be a tie there.  However, Red Willow and Gwylan’s stand are some distance away to be linked in that manner, although not entirely impossible.

The hobgoblins in Depths of Darkness are just unique to themselves, although I’m beginning to wonder if they are somehow tied to the Cloven-Jaw Scourge hobgoblins of STK.  The sewer systems seem to be controlled by that particular group, except for the one sewer controlled by the Arzag-khor in House P.

The spectators in VON 1 are just unique to themselves.  I can’t really place them with any particular group.

The last clan of hobgoblins we come across we don’t actually fight.  Like Chief Ungurz and the Darguul, Karnat Thaar is part of the Thaar clan, and he is the quest giver for the Tears of Dhakaan.

So as you can see, the links here are complicated…and many possibilities left to flush out.  Wonder if we will learn more about the hobgoblins and their clans in other storylines.


2 thoughts on “Trying to determine a link between various clans or groups of monsters across storylines-part 6 Hobgoblins

  1. I also just thought of another possible link. It is also possible, looking at the location of Irestone Inlet and Tangleroot Gorge, that Yaaryar might actually be part of Chief Yarkuch’s forces. Chief Yarkuckh maybe having Yaaryar harass the shipping lines to Stormreach. We already know that Chief Yarkuch have captives from Stormreach, why couldn’t he be harrasing the shipping lanes.


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