The Dragons in Epic Ruins of Gianthold Explorer Area

Originally posted on my Guildportal Blog on 8/31/2013:

Last night I was questing with a guildie of mine through the Epic Ruins of Gianthold Slayer area and we came across a dragon.  I haven’t fought many of the new dragon in the slayer area but my first impressions of them are pretty good!!  On Thursday, I was running to Trial By Fire and came across the Red Dragon Zoarinnia.  It was an interesting encounter with the red dragon’s main premise of just wanting to boast and take pride in beating an adventurer.

Erd prepping to battle Zoarinnia photo ErdpreppingtobattleZoarinnia_zps5b00377d.jpg

Last night, my guildie and I came across the Green Dragon, Barrenon. 

Hammy and Fried taking on Barrenon photo HammyandFriedtakingonBarrenon_zps65921164.jpg

I was on with Hamllin, my level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer.  This particular encounter was centered around looting his chest without waking him up.  We succeeded in doing that portion of the encounter and then decided to take the dragon on for the slayer count.  This particular dragon was pretty challenging, as he flew around and shot at us with noxious fumes of poison.  This particular challenge didn’t end all that well for us, but the encounter was fun and we’ll take care of him next time!!

Overall, I really like the edition of the dragons in Gianthold.  They are a fun and interesting dynamic and I look forward to encountering more of them!!


One thought on “The Dragons in Epic Ruins of Gianthold Explorer Area

  1. My cleric Thazara has fought a few dragons solo without a problem, but when I brought my rogue/wizard into epic gianthold for the first time, he got eaten. 🙂 He met the green (black maybe?) dragon that spawns very close to the entrance, and the dragon hit him with dragon bolt and then stomped on him. Didn’t last long.


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