What’s the deal with the named scorpion, Vengeance, in the Delera’s Quest Chain?

Erd running around Delera's Tomb photo ErdrunningaroundDelerasTomb_zps520b673d.jpg
Erdrique questing through Delera’s Graveyard and wondering what the deal is with Vengeance.

This weekened, I took Erdrique venturing through Delera’s Graveyard.  Now, I have gone through Delera’s Graveyard hundreds of times before, but for some reason a number of things started to jump out at me this weekend, which I will probably be blogging/wondering about later this week.  One of those things that came to mind is the occurrence of the orange named scorpion, Vengeance.  Vengeance is a monstrous scorpion that spawns behind a locked door in the first quest of the chain.  What makes this interesting is that Vengeance is the only living creature in that quest, and actually the whole chain I do believe (excluding the necromancer at the end). 

So how did Vengeance get there?  What is his/her purpose?  Could Vengeance have been placed there by one of Delera’s relatives to help protect her tomb?  If so, then what good does it do to have him locked in a room?  Of course a scorpion can burrow, so it is likely not that big of hindrance.  But still, how does Vengeance get fed?

My initial thinking is that somehow the necromancer has something to do with him.  Although I’m not sure quite how.  Perhaps Vengeance is fed those victims that the necromancer later rises and that we encounter in the other parts of the chain.  Hm, I wonder…


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