Who are the Soul Lock Guardians?

Erd taking on the Soul-lock Guardians photo ErdtakingontheSoul-LockGuardians_zpscc07692c.jpg
Erdrique fighting a soul lock guarding in the quest Free Delera.

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend I took Erdrique through the Delera’s storyarc and while I was progressing through the chain a number of things (or questions) came to mind.  One of these was about the soul lock guardians in the quest Free Delera.  The soul lock guardians are wraiths that have been given the task to guard the soul locks to Delera’s soul.  They basically are the factors keeping Delera’s soul trapped in its wraith form.

But who are the soul guardians?  How did they get there to begin with?  Who are they working for?  My impression is that they are the minions of the necromancer.  I’m assuming that they were powerful members or warriors at one time that the necromancer has somehow raised in order to keep Delera’s soul trapped and tormented.  However, I also wonder if they are somehow linked to the Delera’s house.  It is interesting to see us fight a number of the Omaren family members during the quest chain and it makes me wonder if the soul lock guardians aren’t part of the Omaren family of if they were powerful servants of the family.  Just something to ponder .     


6 thoughts on “Who are the Soul Lock Guardians?

  1. 🙂 I’ve been playing ddo for a little over 2 years, I play ~30 h/ week, and I never used to pay attention to DM or the story etc. More and more I have been listening to the DM and paying attention to details in the story. Especially the Underdark one about Ana. 🙂 I don’t read all of your blog posts (for the lack of time), but I do enjoy these. 🙂


  2. Thank you Micki!! I appreciate the nice comment 🙂 !! Yeah, I have always tried to keep up with the storylines because I just like to get an idea of the purpose of the quest. I also like to see if things can be tied to together, I just find it interesting to do and it makes playing the game more fun to me.


  3. My impression of the soul lock guardians is that they were placed there to protect Delera from the very fate she ended up with. I imagine the necromancer wielded enough power (control undead) to temporarily allow him to disable Delera’s soul locks and give him enough time to turn her into a wraith, binding her to his bidding. Then, when the necromancer released the soul lock guardians, they returned to doing the job they were bound to perform – guarding the soul locks.


  4. That quite possibly could be. But if that is the case, then who placed the soul lock guardians there. And why use a source of undead to guard her soul? Why wouldn’t the family use actual guards to that important task? Or perhaps the family did and the necromancer killed the guards and turned them into wraiths and used them as you have suggested. Still begs the question on who actually are the soul lock guardians? Were they powerful servants of Delera’s family, were they hired mercenaries, or perhaps they were grave robbers who are being punished. Many, many, questions…


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