Never noticed before..

Never Noticed these runes before-blog photo NeverNoticedtheserunesbefore-blog_zps132169ea.jpg
While taking Erdrique through the Delera’s storyarc I noticed these runes for the first time..

So once again, I’m going to talk about the Delera’s Story Arc one more time.  I noticed something for the first time while taking Erdrique through the arc over the weekend and that is the runes pictured above in the quest Free Delera.  Now I do consider myself to pretty observant, maybe not noticing everything that goes on, but still pretty observant.  Now put that on top of the fact that I have been playing DDO since March/April 2006 and for the first time I realized the runes pictured above lighting up in Free Delera.

Now if you can’t remember, Free Delera is the quest that has the soul lock guardians that I wrote about yesterday.  Well, the soul lock guardians themselves are actually optional, but the other undead that burst out of the coffins in some of the soul lock rooms are necessary to kill in order to get the various gates to lower.  Well, as I was beating up on the undead mobs, I noticed that as I killed the mobs that burst forth from the coffins, a rune inside the coffin would light up.  I just have never seen/noticed before and it put a little smile on my face

I love how I can be questing in one of the oldest quest chains and still come across new things in the game.  It helps to keep the game fresh and enjoyable.  Here is to noticing other little joys!!! .


One thought on “Never noticed before..

  1. It’s the little details like that that make PuGs in that one a bit hard to manage since they aren’t as thorough in reading the signs. Still, the K door won’t open till all are dead. It’s the ones that’ll scream and leap into the next soul lock area (with no way to return up, leaving the breakables and a chest behind) that amuse/annoy me.


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