Wondering about the factions and how they interact in Searing Heights

Erd Exploring Searing Heights photo ErdriqueexploringSearingHeights_zps6d97eb67.jpg
Erdrique exploring the volcanic wildnerness area of the Searing Heights.

Earlier today, I completed all the slayers, explorers, and rare encounters for the Searing Heights wilderness area with Erdrique.  As I was venturing through the explorer area I was wondering about how the various factions found within the wilderness area interact with each other.  In Searing Heights, we have the following factions:

1).  Bloodtide Pirates
2).  Sulatar Drow (along with their fire mephits, hellhounds, and fire elementals)
3).  Ghamzee and the other black wolves
4).  Shute Ruggzen, scorrow scorpion warrier
5).  Undead (Cruor Russo and Giallo)
6).  Guck

So, what are the likely possible scenarios in which these factions interact with each other?  As you explore the area, it appears that these factions all have one common goal, stopping you!!  However, I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case in at least one instance.  But for now, let me try to see if I can somehow tie these factions together.

The first set of enemies you will encounter when you enter the Searing Heights are the various pirates of the Bloodtide horde.  Good ol’ Captain Tew has sent in a number of troops into the Searing Heights to help guard the Bargain Bizarre.  The Bloodtide Pirates appear to be the second largest group of mobs in the Searing Heights and there most likely is some type of alliance between them and the Sulatar Drow.  My initial thinking is that Bloodtide Pirates supply the Sulatar Drow with their necessary sacrifices from the Bargain Bizarre.  This is probably used as some sort of payment so that the Sulatar Drow permit them to be in the area. 

The largest set of enemies that a character will encounter in Searing Heights is the Sulatar Drow.  These drow are different from the drow found in the Menechtarun Desert or those from the Red Fens.  These drow worship the ancient fire giants who used to enslave them.  Since the Searing Heights is primarily focused around a huge volcano, finding a fire loving tribe of enemies isn’t too surprising.  The Sulatar have a large number of wizards and clerics which means that the presence of a large number of hellhounds, fire mephits, and fire elementals isn’t too surprising as they are likely summoned forth from the wizards and the clerics. 

There are two undead creatures, found very close to the primary stronghold of the Sulatar drow, that kind of make things a little confusing.  The first is a blackbone skeleton warrior named Cruor Russo and the second is a shadow warrior named Giallo.  I’m thinking that these two undead creatures were once Sulatar drow.  I can very easily see this for the blackbone skeleton, as they are immune to fire damage, therefore retaining the fire theme.  However, I’m a little confused about Giallo, who is a shadow.  I’m guess that he might have been some type of Sulatar necromancer who brought up Cruor Russo and in the process died and was reformed as a shadow.  I think this because we don’t come across any necromancers in the Sulatar stronghold.  At least not that I can tell, as they don’t seem to be casting any necromantic type spells.

There is also another quandry when it comes to the Sulatar and the other drow warrior present, Shute Ruggzen.  Shute Ruggzen is actually a member of the scorrow, similar to the drow found in the Menechtarun desert.  And he is actually an infiltrator that is supposed to be warring against the Sulatar.  In fact one of this comments as you are fighting him is to help him punish the Sulatar drow.  Unfortunately, the doesn’t attack any of the them and they don’t attack him.  This actually throws a little disconnect in the storylines here, and in fact often times he will be joined by the Sulatar drow to fight against you, which shouldn’t really be occurring. 

Another mind bender, at least for me, is how the wolves fit into this.  The wolves are often grouped with the Bloodtide Pirates and the Sulatar drow.  My original thinking is that the Sulatar leaders (Hazai Haatha and Itharn Ushu) have made some pack with the black wolf pride leader, Ghamzee.  I’m thinking that this pact is pretty strong and that the wolves and Sulatar drow were inhabiting the Searing Heights well before the Bloodtide Pirates arrived.  With the tenuous arrangement between the Bloodtide and the Sulatar, the Bloodtide Pirates were granted the additional protection from the wolves, and actually maybe spies/scouts for the Sulatar agains the Bloodtide Pirates, assuming that the Sulatar can communicate with them.  And with as many rangers as the Sulatar have, I can easily see this as being a possibility.

So that only leaves us with…Guck.  Alone in his cave, there is no doubt that Guck is just an entity all to his own.  His cave is generally protected by the Sulatar so I wonder if they use Guck as some type of painful torturing “device” or just use Guck as a means to dispose of “waste”.  Not really sure on that aspect.

Well that is it for now, thanks for reading !!

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