Mabar the Endless Night Festival is here!!

Erdrquie in Delera's Graveyard for Mabar photo ErdriqueinDelerasGraveyardforMabar_zps3d55d681.jpg
Erdrique in Delera’s Graveyard the night Mabar the Endless Night Festival re-opend slaying the undead hordes and collecting goodies.

Well, Mabar the Endless Night Festival is back, being reactivated for this season last night.  After I ran some quests with Crawlller, I brought Erdrique on and took him to Delera’s Graveyard to partake in the festivities.  Now, I know that a large group of the DDO players have a number of issues with Mabar, primarily centered around the lag issues it creates, but I have always enjoyed the festival and look forward to it each year.

This year, I would like to continue to work on a few things including getting a few more cloaks of varying levels for a number of my characters, upgrading Lorrikk’s handwraps, getting a few of the new augments, and even possibly a tome or two.  However, my quest in getting this done has already started relatively more difficult than I would like.  I had no problems gathering items to turn in and picked up three Ethereal Keys in less than hour.  Before I new it, the Summoning Chamber was open and I was inside waiting for Eternity.  Shortly later the fight began:

 Erd fighting the Spectral Dragon again photo ErdfightingtheSpectralDragon_zpsb3fd1706.jpg
Erdrique helping to take on the spectral dragon, Eternity.

Things started out fine enough.  I was one of the helpers in the Northwest altar and it seemed to me we had plenty of coverage for the altars and levers.  Eternity made her appearance first in the Northwest altar where I was waiting and fighting ensued….as well as the lag.  We fought on and she later warped to another alter.  One thing I noticed while we were fighting was that the lever never seemed to turn on.  I thought to myself, nah, that can’t be, I must have missed it.  Before I realized it, Eternity was back and we engaged her again as well as her umbral gargoyles.  Again, I didn’t see the light come on and before I knew it, the altar was smashed and we had failed.  I believe this was only the second time I have ever failed in my quest to take Eternity down .

I’m not quite sure what happened, as we zoned out players were complaining of lag, but others noted that the light/lever never came on in the Northwest altar, making me think that we had some newer folks on that lever, and confirming my earlier notion that the light was never turned on.  Thus my quest to get all of that stuff has started out rough, but I will try it again and we’ll see how much I can get done.

There are a few things I wish we could get with Mabar though.  It would be nice if we could get some experience when Eternity is slain, as it is a quest.  I’m ok with the guild renown being available through the use of motes.  The other thing that would be nice would be the use of voice chat in the area as you zone into the summoning chamber.  Using the general chat is a nice idea but it is cumbersome and it would have been much easier to ask if anybody could throw the lever via voice chat as opposed to typing it while we are getting beat on.  But those are minor, overall I do enjoy beating down some undead mobs and am looking forward to a rematch!! 

Thanks for reading !!


4 thoughts on “Mabar the Endless Night Festival is here!!

  1. 🙂 at least on Orien ppl like to party up with the ppl who are in your room and on lever, that way you can use voice chat to tell the person on the lever to turn it. I honestly can’t tell if the light is on or not without looking up, though.


  2. Yeah, I would have tried to group with them but I was in the altar at this occurrence and had no idea who was above us. That’s ok, I have had 3 out of 4 completions since then 🙂 .


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