Take Everybody’s Mind off of Mabar and Propose a Silly Pondering about the Den of the Kobald Brothers

I know that in recent days the DDO Community (both the blogging community and the forum community) have been voicing a lot of disappointment around Mabar.  Well let me try to take some people’s mind off of that hot topic through out a pondering question.

The other day I was running my second true reincarnated character, Hamllin, through the Den of the Kobold Brothers (also known as Durk’s Got a Secret).  Hammy is currently level 3 so this was just one of his typical runs to get experience and some favor and possibly even a Muckbane.  For those who don’t actually pay any attention to the story lines, Durk (the quest giver) is a little deranged…but you do learn from him that kobold chieftains are fighting with each other in the sewer that is adjacent to him.  So, to help clean up the sewers and to gain a profit while doing it, we can on down there and take care of some business.

Hammy checking out Durk's secret photo HammycheckingoutDurksSecret_zps8e84ed64.jpg
Hamllin having some fun in the Den of the Kobold Brothers.

However, as we are taking care of the respective kobolds, we come across another set of creatures which makes me wonder: troglodytes.  Now, the first two just appear to be henchmen, probably just hired by the kobold brother chieftains to help stir up trouble.  But third is one is quite interesting..

Hammy wondering what is behind the door photo HammywonderingwhatisbehindtheDoor_zps3b8bdedf.jpg
Hamllin pondering what is behind the door….perhaps the real leader of the kobolds?

The third troglodyte is actually a shaman, who seems to be the most powerful monster in the sewer.  I’m beginning to wonder if the kobold chieftains aren’t just servants of is, and he was just sitting back and watching the two squabble to be his second in command.  Not to mention, this shaman is behind a locked door that is protected by a small contingent of kobold forces.  Although Hamllin didn’t get a chance to face the shaman at this time, he knows he is there….so I wonder…who is really the leader of the kobolds in the Kobold Den?


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