What’s the deal with Osgood?

I meant to write about this earlier but didn’t get a chance so I’m going to try to catch up a little and jot this down for today.  A little while ago, I took Hamllin through the quest Information is Key, which is one of the early quests found in the Stormreach Harbor.  It is bestowed by Shir Clowenks d’Phiarlan whose is lounging around in the Leaky Dinghy.

Evidently, a smuggler named Osgood, has some type of artifact that House Phiarlan “feels” would be better served under their protective custody.  So, we are asked to retrieve this artifact for the House Phiarlan representative.  So as you enter the dwelling you make your through Osgood’s basement battling primarily iron defenders and a few brigands.  The entire time you are chasing a different brigand through the basement.  Eventually you reach him where he evidently decides to make a stand against you and your party with his other buddies.

Hammy prepping for Osgood's basement photo HammypreppingforOsgoodsBasement_zps14375e51.jpgHamllin prepping to have some fun in Osgood’s basement.

However, during this entire time we never come across Osgood himself.  If this artifact was so important, why wouldn’t Osgood be overseeing its protection?  Osgood is a known smuggler, does he have any connection to Hazadil?  Hazadil seems to own the Harbor, own would expect any type of smuggling activity would somehow involve him.  We never do learn what this particular artifact is.  Makes me feel like we are like the “Transporter”.

Well what is a good quest without having some answered questions?  I wonder if Osgood as any other interesting smuggling interests going on.  That’s it for now, thanks for reading!!


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