The Greatest Strength of a Game Like DDO is Also its Greatest Annoyance

I haven’t played too many on-line games.  The vast majority of video games I played prior to being hooked by DDO were primarily console games and standard PC games that you simply install on your computer and play without having to connect to an on-line server.   After playing DDO for a number of years now and playing Neverwinter Nights I and Neverwinter Nights II on-line (through player worlds and friend’s servers), I have found that their strongest feature is also their greatest annoyance: having to be connected on-line.

Blog-Annoyance with logging in photo Blog-Annoyancewithwaiting_zps3c7f25a3.jpg
Patiently waiting to zone into the game…

Being connected on-line allows you to meet a wide array of people to under go a large number of experiences in DDO, with most of those encounters being fun, if not downright hilarious at times, with some of them being frustrating.  By being on-line, you get to meet people you would never meet on the street and from all over the world.  At one time, the membership of the Crypt Crawlers had players from the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand!!  You also get to talk or chat with your friends that you have made on-line to form long lasting friendships.

However, the drawback to this is getting connected on-line.  This came more to my attention shortly after Turbine put into their bans due to the “dupe” exploit.  The following weekend, on Sunday, I couldn’t connect to the game servers on either of my accounts.  Without being connected, I couldn’t play .  That Sunday, I had tried for two hours to log in and even posted on the forums asking if the servers were down.  At the time, I could log into the launcher but I never got to the character selection screen.  I had one person send me a private message who thought that I might have gotten banned but that wasn’t the issue because I didn’t even know about the exploit until it was taken care of…lol and all you would need to do is look into my inventory to realize that I didn’t take advantage of it .

Come Monday morning, I was finally able to log in, but I had lost an entire night of questing….well ok, just a few hours but that is a night to me.  Then, just recently, I have been having long load times zoning in from one instance to another.

Now, I’m not saying my issues are due to Turbine’s servers or anything, its most likely a bandwidth issue or something like that on my end with my internet provider, Century Link.  I’m just saying that being connected on-line to play the game is my greatest annoyance…when I can’t log in.

In either case, this happens rarely and the benefit of playing on-line far outweights the annoyance of having connection issues.  I hope everybody has connection free issues and happy questing!!  Thanks for reading .


7 thoughts on “The Greatest Strength of a Game Like DDO is Also its Greatest Annoyance

  1. 🙂 Putting the game on a flash drive or so may also help speed up things. But yes, I’ve been playing on a 3G connection since I started playing and I hate it. The 3G is just so damn unreliable and speeds change back and forth. Often when the speed is low, I suffer latency, which looks like lag. But, yay!in 2 weeks I’m getting VDSL2 100M/10M, which is the max. Let’s see how long I’m happy with my comp, before I feel I need a better one. I have a multimedia laptop pc, but it’s a few years old, so not the most powerful.


    • Hey Micki, I was thinking about trying to put the game on a flash drive. I’m actually thinking about maybe getting an external drive or a large flash drive to experiment with it, just haven’t taken the time or figured out the expense to do so yet. I take it using a flash drive works well for you then?


      • 🙂 Hi. No, I have mine on the comp’s hard drive and it loads very slowly. I started using the preloader, but there isn’t much difference. I may try the flash drive thing, I just want to buy a new flash drive for it.


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