Fishing in the Red Fens or something else?

This past week I started to take Erdrique through the Red Fens.  The Red Fens is a beautiful wilderness area based on some estuarine marsh lands that open up to a inlet.  When you enter the area, you come across a camp of refuge Raveneye Drow and one of the drow appears to be fishing:

Blog-fishing in ankle deep water? photo blog-fishinginankledeepwater_zps93114673.jpg
Erdrique in the Red Fens, wondering what this drow is actually doing…

However, I see this as an unlikely prospect, considering that drow appears to be fishing in ankle deep water as Erdrique is showing in the above the screenshot.  So, what is he doing if he isn’t fishing?  I have two possible ideas on this:

1).  He is “fishing” for large crabs (which would be common in such a habitat, folks around here call it “chicken necking” because you can easily fish for blue crabs by tying pieces of raw chicken to a string and throwing it out into the water and waiting for the crabs to take the bait)


2).  He is catching small bait fish to be used later in the larger bogs and possibly the inlet.

Anyway, I just thought that this was a strange occurrence and just wanted to point it out.  Thanks for reading and happy questing everybody!!


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