Update 20 Will Be Release Tomorrow-Looking Forward to the Experience Changes

Well, Update 20 is slated to be released tomorrow morning and with it comes a few new things including two new quests (one in the Forgotten Realms and one in Ebberron), the additions and changes to the reincarnation system, and changes to the experience growth curve for reincarnated characters.  The most interesting aspect I’m looking forward to with this update are the modifications to the experience requirements for heroic reincarnation.  This interests me mainly because I’m trying to progress my main character, Erdrique, through a completionist run.  He currently has a paladin, fighter, ranger, and cleric life under his belt and he is currently working on a barbarian life.  The changes to the experience requirements should help him in this endeavor and I’m looking forward to it. 

Erd looking up the Ziggurat photo ErdlookinguptheZiggurat_zps46f19fc1.jpg
Erdrique in the Red Fens looking at the Ziggurat working on his barbarian life.

I also just put Hamllin through a true reincarnation and I plan on working him through a number of lives as well.  Since I seem to be focusing more on gaining past lives then the end game raiding scene (even though a large number of people say there is no end game raiding scene) the experience changes/modifications will be interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out. 

Hamllin working on his second life, as a fighter, questing in the Catacombs.

The secondary change I’m also most curious in are the quest experience changes.  I’m wondering how this play out as well. 

Well that is it for now.  I hope everybody enjoys the new update 20 and happy hunting!!


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