Questions and Strange Things in Quest The Faithful Departed

Recently, I took Erdrique through quest, The Faithful Departed.  This particular quest can be quite annoying and it was ranked as one of the hardest quest to complete at level recently by the Order of Syncletica.  The quest giver is Avanti Moonwillow, who is an elven priestess located in the Golden Wing Inn in House Phiarlan.  Avanti tells you that the Tomb of the Ancients, which hold some of the elven heroes of old who rose up against the ancient giants who were their slave masters, is being ransacked by a troop of drow.  We learn that Avanti is part of the Undying Court, which hasn’t been touched on much in our adventures.  The Undying Court is essentially a religion of the Aerenal elves who have found a way to preserve themselves after death.  Undying Court differs from the vampires of the Cult of Vol in that they essentially sustain themselves through their devotion as opposed to preying on the living.

After you talk to Avanti, you then head over to Odonis in House Phiarlan who is a a Farshifter and who teleports you to the Shrouded Vale where the Tomb of the Ancients is located.  You don’t venture far when you come across a number of drow invaders.

As we are venturing through the Shrouded Vale to get to the Tomb of the Ancients, the first question that comes to mind is what group of drow do these belong too?  We currently know of a few types of drow by this time in our questing career: the Sulatar and Vulkoor.  It isn’t quite clear which drow these are until we get into the Tomb. 
 Erdrique taking on the drow in the Tomb of the Ancients photo ErdriquetakingontheDrowintheTomboftheAncients_zps9f49f899.jpg
Erdrique taking on the drow invading the Tomb of the Ancients.

Once we enter the tomb it becomes quite clear that the drow are Vulkoor drow, as you soon run into drow scorpions and huge monstrous scorpions.  So the next question, is what are these drow after?  Avanti told us that there isn’t anything left here to loot.  What purpose does slaughtering and desecrating the Venerated mummies here do?  What is the underlying logic behind this?  Sadly, I have no insight as to why the Tomb is being raided and it isn’t clear what is gained by the drow attempting to do this, besides making the Undying Court extremely unhappy with them.

A third question I ran into, there is two instances where you run into some darkfang spiders.  The first occurrence, the darkfang spiders seem to be keeping everybody as an enemy as the room only has them in it and the room is covered in webs.  However, the second time you come across them they are teamed up with the drow raiders.  Why?  This doesn’t make sense to me, I don’t understand how this cooperation exists unless they are somehow charmed.

So those questions are centered around the lore while my next two questions are just general questing questions that I happened to notice.  The first one has to do with cleric hirelings and spells heal and restoration.  My hireling cleric at one point healed me for 200 strength.  Man I wish I had that much strength!!  Shortly later, he healed me for 300 strength. 

Blog-200 restore photo Blog-200StrRestore_zpsaf846edc.jpg
Erdrique being healed for +200 strength by his cleric…what a heal…but if he was down by 200 strength…well he wouldn’t be much of anything by that point.

I have seen this before but didn’t really take much notice of it.  I mean is it even possible to take +200 strength damage?  I guess it could happen, I have heard losing quite a bit of Constitution when fighting Harry in the Shroud and you fail against his disease or poison attacks.  I just thought that this was strange.

The second thing I noticed is a graphical thing.  When you enter The Tomb of the Ancients is doesn’t take long to come across monarch and death stalker scorpions.  However, even though both scorpions are huge, when you view them in the focus orb, the death stalkers look pretty wimpy…although they are far from that… 

Blog-huge scorpion comparison photo Blog-Hugescorpionbutsmallprofile_zpscc8414ce.jpg
Erdrique fighting a death stalker scorpion, take note of his size and then his size in the focus orb.

Blog-scorpion strangeness photo Blog-MonarchScorpioncomparison_zps99673c48.jpg
Erdrique also fighting a monarch scorpion for comparison above.

Well in any case, the focus orb doesn’t do the death stalkers justice as they are perhaps more deadly than anything else in the quest. 

That is all for tonight, I hope you enjoyed the article and happy questing!!


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