Have to Watch Out For Those Bogs in the Red Fens

I enjoy the wildnerness areas in DDO and tend to try to complete them as I level through my characters, with an emphasis on trying to max them out.  Currently, Erdrique is working on the Red Fens and while doing so I came across this:

Blog-Where is Flagon photo Blog-WhereisFlagon_zps9d4786a7.jpg
Erdrique wondering what happened to Flagon…

Poor Flagon…you have to watch out for those bogs, one step can be quite a doozy….lol. 

Another thing I happened to notice is that after the release of Update 20, the two drow warriors in front of the quest, The Last Stand, no longer attack the mire rats but for some reason they attack the drow…I guess the drow are just too good for the mire rats…

 Blog-Mire rats attacking but drow arent photo Blog-Mireratsattackingbutdrowarent_zps5af46725.jpg
Erdrique noticing the non-responsive drow….

In any case, I got a kick out of Flagon sinking like a rock in the bogs of the Red Fens.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!


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