Disturbing thoughts about Basil Tallbarrow

Awhile back, I wrote up a short blog about Redfang the Unruled which is bestowed by Basil Tallbarrow in the Marketplace, who is located just a short distance away from the Rusty Nail Tavern.  I just took my reincarnated fighter, Hamllin, threw it once again yesterday.  As I was busting my way past the fire traps I actually paid attention to the DM Narration at this particular point:

Hammy not too happy to see these bodies hanging in Basils subbasement photo HammynottoohappytoseethesebodieshagninginBasilsBasement_zps174a38be.jpg
Hamllin not too happy noticing these “apprentices or adventurers”…what exactly has Basil not mentioned?

When we pick up the quest, Basil says nothing about other adventurers also taking up his plight or the use of apprentices in his experimentation.  He also doesn’t say anything at all about the other monstrous creations he has down in this sub basement.  I mean damn, he has a gargoyle, a powerful scorpion, a friggin rust monster, another powerful spider, and lingering troll down there (which I complained about it my first blog).  But another thing that comes to mind, is that the sub basement is littered with glass spider eggs which spawn numerous baby glass spiders…however, there are no mommy glass spiders. 

Ok, I don’t know much about glass spiders.  But I know that baby glass spiders and glass spider eggs just don’t come out of nowhere.  So where are these things parents, especially the mommy?  Also, there are a large number of doors that are shut in his quest.  Who exactly shut these doors?  Reg Fang herself is behind a shut door.  I doubt that she shut it.  Perhaps the troll locked the monstrous spider in?  Or perhaps these unfortunate souls that we came across earlier shut the doors upon retreating and got caught by other spiders during there escape…(if this occurred, that really sucks for them considering they were so close..lol).

Oh and why doesn’t Basil worn you about his numerous traps.  I mean dang, if he wants us to take care of his incompetence, at least give us the knowledge we need to know to deal with it.  I mean dang, there are only so many fire, spike, and poison traps one can deal with.

LOL, uninformative quest givers are just a pain….Ok, I’m done wining, back to questing everybody!!  And thanks for reading!!  


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