Since the Servers Are Down I Will Write About Yesterday’s Runs

Well I am typically logged onto Thelanis by now but unfortunately the DDO Game servers are still down due to a data center power issue (or something like that) so instead I’m going to take the chance to write up about my runs from yesterday which were quite nice!!  Early on I logged on two of my characters on my free account, Containment and Crawlller.  I took them through the Korthos Island Slayers and the Cerulean Hills slayers, respectively while taking breaks between my chores

Containment taking on the minions photo Containmentistakingontheminions_zps60716562.jpg
Containment working his magic through Korthos Island.

I don’t move very fast with my free account at all, as my highest level character is only level 8 but that is mainly because I’m currently focusing on my reincarnated characters at the moment, so it was nice to give these characters some play time.

Crawlller enjoying the moonset in the Hills photo CrawlllerenjoyingthemoonsetintheHills_zpsc14e09a3.jpg
Crawlller taking his time in the Cerulean Hills and enjoying the night skyline.

After getting some more chores done around the house and outside, I brought on Erdrique to run some slayers in the Red Fens.  I was taking advantage of a Major Slayer Boost and was enjoying racking up the kills as well as the scenery:

Beautiful rainbow in the Fens photo BeautifulrainbowintheRedFens_zps66056d95.jpg
Erdrique cleansing the Red Fens under the beautiful rainbow.

But the most productive part of the gaming session came last night when I was joined by Hellbanisher, who had just converted his character over to the Eldritch Night enhancement line.  We decided to hit up the Necro II because we both needed that series and I had that already scheduled to run for the weekend.  We started off with the Tomb of the Shadow Guard and blasted through its under water maze, even with Hell getting loss.  We then moved over to the Tomb of the Shadow Knight and avoided the majority of the traps with Hellbanisher using the spell Knock to get pass the locked door.  After we blew through the Shadow Knight, we then moved over to the Tomb of the Shadow Lord were we split up and took on the myriad of shadows, wraiths, phase spiders, umbral worgs, and umbral gargoyles quite easily.  We then moved over to the Shadow King, and ran around in circles extinguishing the lights to take on the restless mummy, which Hell wound up killing before we got dragged into the light room.  Those four quests took us about 20 minutes each and we earned close to 15,000 xp per run.  So in about an hour and a half we had earned around 60,000 xp.

Hell and Erd in the Shadow Guard photo HellandErdintheShadowGuard_zpsda197126.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher dealing with the incorporal undead in Tomb of the Shadow Guard.

Hell and Erd in the Shadow Knight photo HellandErdintheShadowKnight_zps8a5eff7e.jpg
Erdrique catching up to Hellbanisher in the Shadow Knight.

Erd and Hell in the Shadow Lord photo ErdandHellintheShadowLord_zps90e3ae3a.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher enjoying a run through the Tomb of the Shadow Lord.

Erd and Hell in the Shadow King photo ErdandHellintheShadowKing_zps8603372b.jpg
Erdrique and Hellbanisher lighting things up in the Tomb of the Shadow King.

It was perhaps the fastest I had ever completed that series before and we only had the two of us with our hirelings.  Although we were level 12 and the quests were level 10 (on elite) I still haven’t seen them done that fast.  Since we blasted through those easily we decided to do the Shadow Crypt, which is the last quest in the series.  Hellbanisher looked up the maze directions and in about 15 minutes we made our way to the end of the quest.  I have never seen this one done this fast either, as getting those gears and getting lost frequently occurs in this particular quest.  Before we knew it, we each had earned around another 40,000 xp.  Overall, not a bad night .

Erd and Hell fighting in Shadow Crypt photo ErdandHellfightingintheShadowCrypt_zps6950f192.jpg
Time to wrap up the Shadow Series by burning things up in the Shadow Crypt.

Well hopefully the servers will be back up soon!!  Happy hunting all and thanks for reading!!


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