The Changes to the Slayer Boosts Are Nice!!

With Update 20, changes came along with the Slayer Boosts and I have to admit that I really like them.  I didn’t really notice the changes until a few days after Update 20 was released.  I was using a Major Slayer boost in the Red Fens and noticed that I was getting two extra kills for every slayer I was doing.  So basically I was getting three kills for one   (a 200% bonus)!!  I knew I wasn’t getting that many kills prior to the update and it was a pleasant surprise. 

It was also nice to hear that all slayer boosts will not count down when you are inside a quest and will not count down during movement through the city areas.  Prior to the update, that ability was only available to Major and Greater boosts while the Minor, Lesser, and Medium boosts would continue to tick down while in a quest or in a city.  These additions/changes will make the slayer boosts much more appealing for me to buy and I might actually be able to complete the Red Fens slayer quest within in my level range

Erd slaying vine stalkers in the Fens photo ErdslayingvinestalkersintheFens_zps1445641e.jpg
Erdrique enjoying the use of a Major Slayer Boost in the Red Fens.

Well that’s it for today all, thanks for reading and happy hunting!!!  Enjoy those slayer boosts!!! 


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