Random Thoughts About Our Friend Baudry Cartamon and the Quest Hiding in Plain Sight

Yesterday, I took Erdrique through Hiding in Plain Sight.  Hiding in Plain Sight is bestowed by Inquistive Ingram in the Wayward Lobster of the Stormreach Harbor.  Talking to the Inquistive Ingram, we learn that he was hired by Baudry Cartamon to look into who/what has been responsible for his hardship as of late.  While talking to the Inquistive and going through his dialog I realized something strange concerning the storyline.  The Inquistive mentions how we helped Baudry earlier on in our questing careers and stopped/ruined his chief competitor Hazadill when we stopped Hazadill from delivering the stolen goods to the Emerald Claw.  However, this isn’t what we did as of Update 19.  When the Shadowfell Conspiracy was released, the storyline for Baudry Cartamon quest string was modified and it was changed so that Hazadill was working for a bunch of pirates out of Three Barrel Cove and not for the Emerald Claw.  I actually blogged about this shortly after Shadowfell Conspiracy was released.  However, the sister storyline was not modified.  So now we have a disconnect here.

Blog-Do you think Cartamon is happy about his crates? photo Blog-ErdsplinteringCartamonscrates_zps85e30827.jpgDo you think Baudry will mine be breaking his crates for ransack bonus?

However, a different thought came to me once we talked to Baudry and he let his go into his warehouse once again to look for clues.  The first thing I did when I entered the quest was to start breaking his crates…well this is ironic…concerning the first time I was in this warehouse I was sent in here to protect a crate…I wonder if he will get upset with me when he realizes that half of his crates were turned into splintered wood so that I could get ransack bonus and find whatever little goodies he had in there .  Hm, maybe I will just blame it on Hazadill’s goons and say it was their fault…or perhaps it was the fault of the Aurum. 

LOL, well that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading and happy smashing!!   


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