Enjoying the Haven

I’m a big fan of the Wildnerness Areas in DDO and do my best to max each slayer area out, however I typically out level them by the time I get to the Vale of Twilight and then find myself reincarnating…at least with Erdrique.  I still have yet to really explore the Wildnerness areas for the Subterrane, House C, those released with MOTU and those just released with the Shadowfell Conspiracy. 

Yesterday, I decided to run the quest Sykro’s Jewel and to enter the Ataraxia’s Haven Wilderness area with Erdrique for the first time during this particular life.  Erdrique is still working on the Red Fens Wildnerness Area and is nearly at 5,000 slayers in that area.  It shouldn’t take him much longer before he focuses primarily on the Haven and on the Restless Isles.  And I look forward to venturing out in the Haven!!

Time to rescue Ataraxia photo TimetoresueAtaraxia_zpse4ef1325.jpg
Its time to save Ataraxia from the scrags and duergar.

In case you didn’t know, Ataraxia’s Haven is a level 10 explorer area that contains two quests: Sykro’s Jewel and Reclamation.  The Haven itself is actually a resort which is located on a distant island.  The resort is owned by Sykros (who named it after his daughter Ataraxia).  The island has a number of denizens including duergar, razor cats, hyenas, wild men, scrags, rust monsters, scorpions, and spiders.  The explorer area is medium in size (at least in my opinion) and one can earn a good amount of experience in a short amount of time while locating all of the explorer points.  The area is also attractive, with a number of caves, a light house, ruins, camps, and beach areas. 

I always enjoy running around this area because the denizens always seem to be pretty well spaced apart, meaning that you aren’t running a long period of time before you encounter some mobs, and slayer marks seem appropriate to me (unlike the Red Fens which has a max slayer amount of 7,000 kills, which is completely off scale with all slayer areas prior and the two after). 

I do see a number of possibilities for Ataraxia’s Haven that I hope will be looked into in the future.  The storyline with the duergar seems to be a little incomplete to me and resident druid on the island seems a little mysterious and I find it curious that he is the only one of this kind there.  How these storylines can be played is unknown to me but I think they could lead to some interesting events. 

Nice view from the light house photo Niceviewfromthelighthouse_zps5e7123e4.jpg
Enjoying the view from the lighthouse in the Haven.

Erdrique enjoying the night life in Ataraxia's Haven photo ErdriqueenjoyingthenightlifeofAtaraxiasHaven_zps21a157bc.jpg
Erd enjoying the night life in the Haven.

In either case, I suspect that I will be hitting up the Haven for hits experience soon and look forward to the challenges it will pose .


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