Ugh..not Freshen the Air

I’m currently working on Hamllin’s second life as a kensai fighter.  Hamllin’s previous life was as a rogue and as a result he has a plethora of short swords and rapiers, so I’m using what he has to progress him through this life.  He is currently up to the level four quests and yesterday came my time to try Freshen the Air, ugh…  For level four quests, Freshen the Air is one of the hardest quests to deal with.  I would only rank Proof is in the Poison as being more difficult with Irestone Inlet being a close second.  So I decided to give it a go, went to the guild ship to buff up and got a hireling and decided to descend into this smelly dungeon.

Hammy taking out his frustration on a trog photo Hammytakingouthisfrustrationontrogs_zpsf2217f40.jpg
Hammy dealing with the trogs in Freshen the air.

Now there are a few things that are highly frustrating with running Freshen the Air on elite at level.  One is having to deal with large room near the end of the quest that has the huge crates that need to be destroyed, second is having to deal with the numerous troglodyte shamans that inhabit the dungeon, and third is that the dang quest is timed.

Because I only the help of a hireling, I decided to try to take things nice and slow and decided to range as many of the crates and shaman as I could once I reached the main room.  During my first attempt, this started out good but I eventually became too impatient and ventured into the room where I was simply ice stormed like crazy and lit up with scorching rays.  However, I eventually got passed the crates and started up toward the shrine area where I soon met my demise.  I forgot about some of the shamans on the ledges/platforms and was eventually killed, along with hireling. 

So I recalled, rebuffed and decided to go into this a second time…round two if you will.  This time I cleared out the main room and made sure to take out all of the shaman on the ledges and platforms.  When I made it to the shrine room I was able to make quick work of its defenders and then headed over to the last part of the quest. 

I eventually made it to the clutch and destroyed the matriarch and her eggs and made it to the end of he quest with about 5 minutes or so to spare.  Needless to say, Hamllin was humbled in this particular quest and is glad that it is over.  However, he isn’t looking forward to running Proof is in the Poison…and dreads that experience.

Although he does wonder, what were in those huge crates and whose idea was it to push them in front of the ventilation shafts?

Until next time, thanks for reading all and happy questing!!


4 thoughts on “Ugh..not Freshen the Air

  1. 🙂 With pugs I’ve always had problems in this one. With friends (on an evasion toon) I just zerg in and smash the crates while they focus on trash. Then help kill off some of the casters. (I hate soloing, so kudos to you for doing it solo).


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